Thursday, June 9, 2011

ADD....don't take AWAY

Change seems to be in full bloom as we speak with everyone around the world...some are coming at the best time, some are coming at the worst time, yet, no matter where change seems to land itself, always remember:

ADD to the situation....don't take AWAY from it

Point blank, add to the what you have going on, don't take opportunities away from yourself. Change requires us to think, make sure we have have everything balanced and separate what we need from what we don't need. Yes times can get scary, that's what change can bring if you feed into your own insecurity, take a leap, we won't know what's good for us until we actually bring on the challenge. 

I can hear some say already, "But why do I need to challenge myself, I'm fine the way I am and where I'm at in life"...true, but how else are you expecting to grow? Opportunities come in a handful in this life and most of the time, if you say NO, you just let go of what would've been the best decision for you to improve your inner self. Always take a step back and take time to reflect, it's O.K. to take your time and say, "I'm going to keep it into consideration".

LIFE can just go round and round if you want it can get pretty boring and therefore be so stagnant that instead of adding something positive to your own experiences, your taking away precious time where you can be making a difference in someone else's pretty much, SPEAK UP, challenge yourself to do so! 

Allow yourself to be heard,  ADD to your situation and don't take AWAY from it, there's always a positive and a negative, make sure you stay on the positive side.

Above anything, RESPECT yourself and others, it'll get everyone farther in LIFE if we just learn to ACCEPT (ADD) not DISRESPECT (TAKE AWAY)

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