Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's go FORWARD----> meet a person you like, one that you're interested in, then, things start to get better and soon there's a relationship there...afterward, you both discover that maybe it's not best for both of you to be together, so you break up and TRY to move on and not look back....yet you have this ingly-tingly sensation to want to reach out and talk to that person it a wise choice????

I can say that in my experience with this situation, it went sour...BOTH times!

I always try not to burn any bridges especially when it comes to relationships, you never know what the future might hold in store for you. Although, the same feelings might not be reciprocated by the other party, so then you start to question yourself and say, "Did I really mess this one up? Why don't they want to talk to me?" Yes it really messed me up especially when it was claimed that I hurt them so bad that they cried for days on end! Ok, and really, what right mind wouldn't get messed up after hearing this???!

Then for days after that, I started to re-evaluate myself and see what I really did wrong....and when I found it, it all made sense:

The ending of those relationships had me DONE trying to understand and give comprehension to my patience...I was being tested to see how far I would go..and I fell into the trap of "See..all you care about is yourself!" instead of seeing the overall view of who was to blame, it was all turned on me, so they would feel numb to the situation and make themselves feel better...that way, I would feel horrible about my decision, then come crawling back to see how they were doing, then have them turn me away and get vengeance that about a control problem!!!  So overall, I fell into the trap of beating myself for what had happened, then going back for more and more of what I didn't need or deserve instead of just moving forward with life.

There are times where WHEN and IF you make a FINAL definitive decision, close the case and go forward, move on with what's next and make something positive out of that situation. I'm not saying that all relationships end this way or that people don't deserve a second chance, but there's a reason why the word FINAL sounds the way it does...memories will always be there, you can't erase them, but why turn back when you can move forward and better yourself and others...?!

Everyone is different, see what you can come up with, maybe it'll be better the way you handle it, who knows....all I know is....

Balance is necessary....Let's go FORWARD---->

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