Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Letter To You

Dear You,

Hope all is great and a successful day has been accomplished on your side of the world! Mine, thankfully I have no complaints and it went as GOD has planned : )

On this side, the stars are in full effect...there's no smog to cover them up, and it's funny when I actually get the chance to look up and see what GOD has created, the glittery night sky! Usually there's a moon shining as well, although tonight it seems to be hiding from can probably see it though. When I was younger I always use to think,

"I wonder if other people far away from me are seeing the same things I am?" 

Now, I'm sure you are.

Time seems to only be on our side bit by bit, Time tends to keep us at a pace that is suitable for us to understand only, for those in our past have never really seemed to get it, let alone seem to get US as a whole. I sometimes think that Time is never really on our side, yet I know that it was Time that had everything aligned accordingly, I tend to have the "Doubting Thomas Syndrome", luckily, it's fading slowly but surely.

Safely I can say that change came when it needed to, I'm not as afraid of it as I once used to be when I didn't know how to embrace it. I look at change as a blessing, one I can enjoy without feeding it fear. I know of fear, but don't feed into it anymore, I haven't for a while. I know there's a lot to embrace, a lot to understand, yet, if you take your time, "grasping" an idea is half the battle.

One of my mentors once told me,

"The Holy Spirit comes with many gifts, the one you will have to learn from the most is..UNDERSTANDING...learn to love it, learn to be it!"

Let me tell you, this was my BIGGEST fear! Now, it's my BIGGEST confidant : ) 

If anything, I understand YOU.

All I know is...Time is'll have it's own pace and it's own least we can count on that.

Much Love & Respect,

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