Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When You know who YOU are

Self discovery can take anywhere from a couple months to who knows when! There have been cases out in the world where it's taken people the vast majority of their life to finally find themselves and say, "Why didn't I know before? Why did I wait so long?" But then again, there's been some cases where people find themselves in 6 months give or take. 

Now remember, there's a difference between FINDING yourself and ACCEPTING yourself....

FINDING Yourself
This is when you've understood the importance of what you do and don't like around you, when you have looked at the INNER you and see that there's a person inside that you like and you want to allow that person to grow and experience the is. Finding yourself also makes you react right away, take for example when a friend or acquaintance makes fun of you..and instead of taking offense to the remark, you simply say, "Hey, that's just who I am!" You make others aware that this is who you've found and this is who you are....kind of like a take it or leave it type of thing but in a good way.

This is when you've come face to face with your fears and have conquered your INNER demons. You've let go of any excess baggage that came along for the ride and/or any that you yourself have created. You've found a path that's been suitable for you and no matter what anyone else says about it, you know you'll make it a good one and even learn every step of the way. Also, clearly, you love yourself in a healthy way.

Now, is there anything wrong with changing direction? Is there anything wrong with finding a new path that you were meant to follow? The answer's up to you to decide. 

Were all meant to do good and be positive in our lives, although sometimes along the way we seem to have trouble and do the exact opposite, that's why it's good to always question yourself and look beyond instead of your day to day actions...look at those too, but make sure you're on the right path before going on any further.

When YOU know who YOU are...LIVE IT!

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