Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Entre Tu Y Mil Mares"

"Entre Tu Y Mil Mares" which translates to "Between You and a thousand Oceans" is a song that was sung and performed by International singer-songwriter Laura Pausini. Most of us in the latin world know her very well for her Spanish albums, while others around the world know her for her Italian, Portuguese and English albums heard around the world!

This song in particular was released in the year 2000 and captivated everyone's hearts and ears when she would appear on the radio and television shows. Being that I myself am a HUGE sap for love songs, this is one of the many that surprised everyone!

"Entre Tu Y Mil Mares" describes the feeling of an ULTIMATUM that not only has become apparent inside one's heart, but now ever so prevalent on the outside and now has become a "Now or Never" kind of battle with the ONE and ONLY being that captured your heart.

I first heard this song in Mexico on a trip in December 2000 visiting my Mom's side of the family and we were actually on vacation in this beachfront resort where at night, as the waves were crashing towards the sand harshly, all I could think about was the one person who had my heart, who was thousands of miles away back home, and thinking, "When will the time come when I won't feel divided like I do right now between this ocean and us?' Very deep for a 17 year old, but as you can tell, I was in too deep with my feelings, most of all my heart. We spent about 4 days there at that resort and every night, I would spend 3-4 hours by myself thinking about him and how isolated I felt and how LIFE at the time would serve our future, if there ever was a future to think about.

Thankfully, as fate would have it, 6 months later, I had my answer that I was searching and looking so hard for in that endless oceanfront. This song served as my inspiration to UNDERSTAND what it was I was searching for, what it was I really wanted. The first sign I had of my answer, was the present I brought him from Mexico, a red shark key chain, which was the ONLY present from the many I had brought over, that had split in two...I knew right away what my answer was, and like I said, 6 months later, it was as clear as the moon shining through the night. This song made so much sense now, especially with the passion Laura sang it with.

10 years and 4 months later, I'm standing tall, STILL loving this song as much as I did 11 years ago, and I send a special message to ALL of you ULTIMATUM seekers:

Busco en la noche en cada estrella tu reflejo 
(I look for your reflection in each star at night)
 Más todo ésto no me basta ahora, crezco 
(But it doesn't seem to suffice me now, I'm growing)

Don't EVER stop growing for LOVE, seek and you shall find my friends  

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