Thursday, September 8, 2011

A REVIEW can make ALL the difference!

Have any of you ever heard of or If you haven't, these are just 2 of the many sites on the internet where you can leave a review for any business that is signed up with them. Oh and let me tell you that in my spare time (usually between 11pm-2 am) I like to look up "Reviews"to some of my favorite establishments and see what other people have to say.

I personally review RESTAURANTS on my page..since I love to eat, I figure it would help others when it comes to wanting to try new places. I by no means am a drama queen when it comes to service in restaurants...just like us in the hair biz, there's good ones and "NOT" so good ones. I take it with a grain of salt and still tip properly and accordingly. WHY you might ask, because I was still serviced in an establishment. Now my reviews will consist mostly of the food and the ambiance, the service will be the last and I have to say, even if I received crappy service but the food was great, I'm still going back, just embracing myself for the next upcoming visit.

I'm surprised at times when it comes to clients reviewing their experiences in the salons I've worked at. Some of y'all are vicious! You're out to get someone, that's for sure! Others are quaint and point out the good and bad factors, while the rest are happy and can't wait to come back. It always seems though that the more drama a client experiences in the salon the better the review, while the less they experience the worse the review, it's quite intriguing.

In my 10 years of doing hair, I've had some great reviews, and not so great reviews posted on the sites. As I always tell everyone, I'm human..therefore, doing hair comes with both good and bad days. It just makes me stronger every time there's a negative outlook on one of my creations, it gives me more ammo to simply create more twisted masterpieces : ) In any case though, I've had new clientele come in due to the reviews posted on the sites. The best type of review one can ever get, of course as we all know in business, is word of mouth. I aim to please those who rave about my work and how I make them feel, so would it be fair to say that I have no pressure when doing the new clients they recommend??? Um, there's always pressure!!! At the end of the day, I make sure that everyone is pleased to the best of my ability. As for those who don't really care for my work, well, there's always the salon next door, you're bound to find someone that fits your personality and flavor, no harm done.

Needless to say, next time you receive either the best or the worst service at any establishment, leave a comment or post on and/or other sites...a REVIEW can make all the difference! reviews can be left for Erik a.k.a Busy Little Queen at the following salon establishments:

-->Fletcher-Smith the Spa (Murrieta, CA)
-->Palazzo Salon (Glendale, CA)

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