Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Letter To You (Pt.3)

Dear You,

Hope all is great and you had a fulfilling day : )

What a roller coaster it's been this past month! A lot of new opportunities and a lot to get accustomed to. You probably noticed some tension and nerves the last time you saw me, I was like a timer ready to go off, but because you were there, I made sure I kept my composure as best as I could. Your presence alone really makes it easy for me to forget about the world, how easy it would be to just get away at times, at this point, I can only pray for the future and hope that wish and dream comes true.

Lately you've been battling as well. I'm hoping not as much as I have, although internal battles are usually hard on the heart and are hard to explain, though, I know what you're going through, I went through it 10 years ago. These days you have a pretty strong person close to you who wants your every look, breath, desire and heart palpitations. How is it that I know your heart isn't all there? It's in the way you look when you're talking about them.

A long time ago in one of my styling classes I was told that you could tell when someone really "likes" your work and when someone really "loves" your work, all with the arches of the eyebrows, when they're pointy and raised, needless to say, your arches aren't there. Your heart will never stop feeling for this strong person, there's history that can't be replaced there...but one thing's for sure, I have a fear that you'll miss what I have to offer you. I'm always being told to never let out "fear" for it feeds on insecurities, yet truth be told, I'm not insecure about your feelings and thoughts, if anything, I trust that you'll gain recognition once you're able to breathe and not have so much pressure on you.

I was recently reminded that when I first came to realize how I felt about you, I said that I would wait as long as it needed to take for you to be ready to come to your terms of your heart...I do, like every human being, at times grow impatient and want you to know and realize that NOW is the time, NOW is when we need to take advantage, but all in due time..the puzzle pieces have to fit accordingly.

In the meantime, hearing and being able to see each other from time to time will only make us stronger in the process. Keep positive my dear friend and if whenever you need a clear view on anything or a breath of fresh air, I'm only a visit and/or a call away...have a great rest of your week!

Much Love & Respect,

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