Thursday, September 22, 2011

"The Way It Is" Explanation

I hope all of you got to read the lyrics to the song I wrote last night (early this morning)..if you haven't yet, you can read them before or after this : )

In case you haven't already noticed my mind tends to wander A LOT! Although that's how I come up with my madness and I'm able to create what you usually see in from of you. In this case, the words to "The Way It Is" started to jump out at me from the morning and just kept on coming all throughout the day.

I wrote "The Way It Is" based on the fact that there are people out there, myself included, that have been living LIFE a certain way to block themselves from any pain that they might of experienced early on and/or at one point. Making others happy and helping them achieve their hopes and dreams. Yet, now, they're seeing a different side, a different perspective of what CAN be, what LIFE can be if they decide to let their guard down and poses the question in mind, "Is this actually for me? Is this for real?"....So now, they're wanting to leave the former them ("The Way It Is") behind and start fresh.

All of us at one point or another want to start fresh, yet as we never realize, starting out fresh comes with sacrifice. We've been "The Way It Is" for so long that by even going in a slightly different direction, an alert system lets us know what needs to stay and what needs to go. It can be anything from material surroundings to people in our circle who weigh us down to changing our daily routine. It sounds cutthroat, unfortunately, LIFE doesn't really care about sparing feelings, it only cares about moving on, and it's asking you, "You comin' or stayin'?"

Then there are times when LIFE itself, all by itself, changes everything around when you least expect it and you're left thinking, "OH MY Goodness!" (to put it lightly). Of course, it's asking you the inevitable question, "You comin' or stayin'?"

Don't be afraid to start out fresh again, it's a must every now and then. The good thing about starting out fresh is that LIFE allows you to keep some familiarities, that always keeps comfort well in your heart. If there's possibility and room for you to grow in YOUR LIFE, why not give it a shot and say bye bye to "The Way It Is"?! Empower and bring yourself to say, "I can do this! It's my LIFE and I can change anything I desire!" 

LIVE my friends for YOU and no one else!

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  1. I loved this & now I can't wait to backtrack & read the lyrics to the song. Thank you.