Thursday, September 22, 2011

"The Way It Is"

You know how I started writing again and I debuted a song a couple months back, well, here's another one that popped into my head throughout the day and just now, at 1:30 am, it was able to finally come together and explain itself : ) Tomorrow I will give the definition of, "The Way It Is"..for now...enjoy what is being said...Love to everyone! <3

"The Way It Is"
It's always been "The Way It Is",
Fixing someone else to love another,
The funny part is,
I don't know any different so why bother,
It's funny "The Way It Is".

There's a pattern to my madness,
There's no end to my kindness.

"The Way It Is" is the way it always has to be,
My heart comes second to what it desires,
Only this time I get to see,
What true love looks like, no liars,
"The Way It Is" is what can be,
"The Way It Is" is what I'll leave,
Behind me.

I've seen them come and go,
I've been "The Way It Is",
What makes this a new story,
Is that it's been nice and slow,
I pray to GOD this is due to HIS glory!

"The Way It Is" has brought all of the rain,
Thunder to make me shake,
I've seen the sun shine ahead of the pain,
I've felt the clouds give and take,
Let "The Way It Is" be what was,
Are my dreams enough to make enough?
Will "The Way It Is" let me love?

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