Friday, October 14, 2011

The Afterthought

Decisions, choices, and opportunities all come in a complete package together to fit the mold to our paths of LIFE. Can we really say that we are putting our best judgment on the line to get the best outcome without having an AFTERTHOUGHT?

Well, an AFTERTHOUGHT comes usually after we see the results to our decisions, choices and opportunities. It's defined as the following:

An idea, response, or explanation that occurs to one after an event or decision. 

A lot of us today all around the world are questioning our career choices and whether or not we are on
the right path that fit our needs. I personally chose mine 10 years ago and have since expanded my realm to the best of my ability to make sure I'm able to not only reach those within my industry, but yet expand myself into a larger audience within certain limits. I never thought that I would even give my career an AFTERTHOUGHT besides doing hair and pleasing clients left and right. As I've experienced 10 years of my industry, I have a lot to say and the time is NOW to be heard. In this case, my AFTERTHOUGHT(s) have really given me the wings I needed to fly and experience LIFE in a whole different way.

A lot of us all around the world are questioning our OWN happiness as well, our OWN right to live happily, so then, why is it that we feel so trapped?  Could it be that we have no other options? Or maybe even fear to truly live out what we want for ourselves? Whichever the case, I've found that it's all about the influences we surround ourselves with. Positive forces allow us to think clearly, to really make the right and precise choices that truly fit our inner and outer being. Negative forces won't allow anything to really make sense, they put a dense fog in our path and won't allow us to see what we need, instead, it's all about them. So many times I've been caught up with people whom I think mean well (this includes family, friends, etc). I even give them MORE than the benefit of the doubt. It isn't until I see that ONE action that really shows the selfish side when I see their true demeanor, I see how they've plagued my vision, and then I ultimately decide to cut the strings to get rid of the excess weight and negativity, without them, happiness is the one thing that I'm able to gladly have back. In this case, the AFTERTHOUGHT(s) may have taken a while to develop, it took a selfish act to make them come to life, yet I was able to get to where I WANTED to be in the nick of time.

The AFTERTHOUGHT is there for a reason, it counts. It's not just a word that doesn't make sense of it's own meaning, it may not really mean much at the time, yet once fully experienced, you'll start to develop the need to carry it around with you as a part of your everyday logic. 

It's not being pessimistic, it's being SAFE in every aspect of LIFE.

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