Thursday, October 13, 2011

~When Goodbye is least Expected~

As I was searching for a subject matter to give all of you today, I asked a friend of mine if he had any suggestions for tonight, and he brought up the unfortunate events today in Seal Beach, CA at the Hair Salon shooting. So unfortunate, and such a senseless act of rage that took away 8 lives today in a matter of seconds. As the story is unraveling by the hour, I dedicate this blog to those who lost their lives in this unfortunate tragedy and to their loved ones.

We live in a world now where LIFE is in the fast lane, were late for work, late for a meeting, a date, in any case, late for a lot of things, yet, were hardly ever conscious of what our everyday luxuries are, especially with our family and loved ones. 

I've heard stories where couples didn't get to say "I Love You" to their spouse, and before they knew it, their spouses never came home due to an unfortunate event caused by LIFE itself. I've heard other stories concerning children, parents, best friends, even pets. Movies in Hollywood even portray scenarios that are heartbreaking, they really make you reflect on what LIFE can offer you, at the same time, what LIFE can really do when you least expect it. 

In any case, when GOODBYE comes early and you're left with nothing but heartache, you really start questioning the meaning of your direction, the sacrifices you take everyday to make your world happen. Some sink into a deep depression and isolate themselves wanting the earth to rise over them, while others forge ahead to make sense out of what's left and pick up the pieces to their broken mirror of LIFE. In this matter, what do you do? Are you supposed to be strong? Are you not supposed to show any emotion? Are you to break down everywhere you go? Are you to hate the "Higher Power" for shattering your mirror of LIFE?

The answer....
 do as your heart responds. If you hurt, are angry, don't want to see anyone, or even if you want to go through it yourself, do as your heart responds to the unforeseen events. It's hard to say that you are NOT to get mad at GOD, that you are to rejoice in the situation for they're in a much better place. If I may though, above all, GOD understands what you're going through, he's not there to spite you, he's there for you to give ALL your emotions, ALL that you feel so that BOTH you and HIM can go through the pain, damage and repairs together. For some, it may take a while, and well, LIFE is about experiencing all there is to feel, LIFE is about accepting what comes our way, making sure that WE continue to live OUR LIVES to the best of our ability.

We are NEVER to forget what once was, We are to make LIFE better one step at a time,
even when Goodbye is least Expected.
Love & Prayers to ALL <3

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