Saturday, October 29, 2011

Break Away & Pick Up the Pieces

Let me guess...
you've thought over and over and over again about making your LIFE your OWN....finally!!! 
Your OWN thoughts, your OWN imagination, and last but never least, your OWN lead on your OWN path...phew!! You're FREE!!!

If there's anything you could've done better, you just did it! The "shy" might say you hid and ran away, although the TRUTH did this for YOU...a little BIG thing we like to call:

Break Away
Now as you feel rejuvenated with a whole new sense of might be asking yourself, 
"Now where do I go?" Well, good question that has a simple yet a definitive answer:

Pick Up the Pieces
 Usually after freeing yourself from such a blind place in LIFE, you find yourself in pieces, GOOD pieces, one over here, the other over there, one up above, the other down somewhere. Don't think of it as a "thousand piece puzzle" that will take forever to solve...the good thing is that now you know where YOU stand and YOU have a blank foundation to start the building  of the new YOU, this time around, YOU get to call the shots and allow yourself to fit the pieces where you WANT them to fit instead of MAKING them fit..there's a huge difference, and a positive one at that!

Sounds easy, and very much like a piece of cake...although it will take time, strength, and a lot of soul searching...the BEST aspect about this whole escapade is that it's your's yours!!!
Open your heart, look inside, and there you'll find...YOU
Surround yourself with ALL the LOVE and LIGHT you can find to make YOU the best YOU could ever possibly be <3

P.S. I'm living proof of this becoming a CAN and WILL be done!

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