Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Forever isn't promised...but Forever can LIVE!

In songs, poems, love spouts, and even when you have a best friend, the word "Forever" appears....and yet, there's that "Debbie Downer" that comes along and says, "You know, 'Forever' isn't promised!" It isn't, yes, although there's a way where "Forever" can live for ALL to see and know all about it.

Human LIFE is pretty standard if you really think about it, were born, go to school for 13 straight years, then were left on our own to figure out our paths, date, get married, have kids, and repeat the process to the next generation. So my question is this:

Is there a way, somehow, that the next generation can appreciate the special attributes that WE once endured and have it live "Forever"?

My answer...YES! 

In my generation in my family, my parents were hard workers and raised me and my siblings with the best ethics they had to bestow upon us. Some were harsh lessons and others were just a matter of basic knowledge. 

My Dad had multiple jobs like myself and actually had his own company name,
"Velasco Carpet Care". He worked long hard hours and at times he had to work weekends to make sure we had everything covered as far as bills, school supplies, clothes, food, and vacation savings. I remember he would caress my back and all I would feel were his cuts on his fingers, and I would ask him, "Dad are you OK?" He would say, "Of course I am, these cuts are healed, and seeing all of you here is worth every cut".

My Mom was a stay at home Mom until her and my Dad divorced. It was then when I was able to experience and see how bad my Mom wanted to give us the best things that LIFE could offer us. Times were tough, at one point rice and beans were all we had to eat, luckily, my Mom never frowned and we made do with what we had. I remember she would ask us, "We have $10 to spare, do you guys want to rent 2 movies at Blockbuster Video or go to Pizza Hut?" That in itself was a treat for us! She also worked multiple jobs to make sure nothing was missing from our lives.

To this day both my Mom and Dad work to make ends meet and show no signs of stopping. Their work and LIFE ethics continue to be as bright as a shining star. These days my siblings and myself help in any way we can to support them both so they too can appreciate and live LIFE to the fullest. 

I myself have my Dad's work ethic and nonstop devotion to earn what I've always wanted. I followed in his footsteps and carry 'Busy Little Queen & Company' loud and proud. I also have my Mom's vision of what hard work really means. I make sure and am fully aware of my financial organization and how I'm able to to make it month after month, year after year. They both see my accomplishments and know they raised a perfectly good and responsible 'Next Generation'

I know that ONE day when they're no longer here, what I learned and what has made me who I am will ALWAYS live on and I will make sure the next generation knows how Grandma and Grandpa were able to make their efforts and struggles into a positive motivation and into a domino effect that will last... FOREVER!

Thank you Mami y Papi <3

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