Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Donation : )

As many of you know and have been invited to participate in by yours truly, for the months of November and December I've decided to hold the

1st Annual Busy Little Queen & Company
Canned Food/Blanket Drive

in both the Glendale and Murrieta Salons in which I work in. They've so far been a great BIG hit and today, with the help of a very great friend, the first donation was made to Project Touch, a Non-Profit Organization in Temecula, CA that caters to those whom are less fortunate.

Originally, on the Riverside County side, I had planned to donate the collected items to
5 Loaves Ministry, a Non-Profit Organization that caters to feeding under nourished children in other countries..unfortunately, they only accept financial donations and order the food overseas, which is still a great big help! They were great and recognized that what I did was in good intention and personally thanked me for taking them into return Busy Little Queen & Company is still in FULL support of 5 Loaves Ministry and will be making a donation to them in the month of December : )

Los Angeles is next in donating the collected items to the 
Jacob Deliverance Foundation in Pasadena, CA...were coming your way!

As today is Thanksgiving, allow us to always remember what being HUMAN is all about:

~~~Love, Compassion, Understanding~~~

The following excerpt is that of the TRUE account of my great friend whom helped in delivering the collected items to Project Touch yesterday (I unfortunately was not able to deliver the items personally due to scheduling conflicts):

I appreciate & thank you all for your support - times get tough & when it rains it sure does pour. Seems like one bad thing right after another bad thing..when you think it couldn't get any worse, something else happens. As luck would have it, or I should say as God willed it, I was lucky enough to have the chance to help out my dear friend, Erik the Busy Little Queen. He asked for my help and I whole heartedly said yes. He asked if I could deliver all the blankets & food he has collected so far. Natty & I drove to a church in Temecula that runs Project Touch which helps out homeless men, women & children. I explained why I was there & all Heaven broke loose. The joy that these blankets and cans of food brought these people was exhilerating. This is what I needed, what my heart needed. To be there, to talk to some of these people, to see and feel the happiness in a little girl when Natty handpicked a blanket that had a babydoll attached to it was unimaginable. Thank you Erik and thank you God for helping me see a light that I was looking for. For helping me remember that it can always be worse, but that people are good. So tonight I will lay my little head on my pillow and say my prayers with a whole lot of extra love, extra thankfulness, and extra joy. I learned my Thanksgiving lesson today. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. May you all be lucky enough to find that extra little something we all need. Love you all ♥
At times with the unfortunate turn of events in our personal lives, something good always happens to counter act the bad situations. I myself am experiencing a downfall in my family, it is a very trying time for us at the moment, and a very difficult one for me personally if I may be upfront with you all,  although, we ALL continue to believe that there's always a purpose, always a reason WHY things happen the way they do, and with GOD in our lives, anything is possible! 
There's always a ray of light after the storm...hence, my friend's day and the delivery of the collected items.
In any case, I THANK YOU ALL who've donated to this great cause in helping our fellow man, and as with anything, the second batch for December has already begun! If you happen to have anymore blankets (new or used) and/or Canned Foods, please bring them by either salon location:

-->Fletcher-Smith the Spa
39825 Alta Murrieta Dr. Suite B22-24
Murrieta, Ca 92563
Speak to Donna, Stella or Brenda

-->Palazzo Salon & Spa
915 N. Glendale Ave.
Glendale, Ca 91206
Speak to Erik or Jackie

I thank you for ALL of your love and support from the bottom of my heart!! 
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! <3

P.S. Why am I doing this on top of everything else I have going on??? Well, because I believe in GIVING and in me spread it EVERYWHERE we can!!

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  1. You're such a beautiful person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. I love you so much Erik!