Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Letter To You (Pt.4)-->"Running"

Dear You,

As you most likely noticed, I was excited, relieved and so happy to hear from you were a breath of fresh air for me!

That same day I noticed how much I missed you...a certain something always makes me think of you, and that day for some reason, it made my heart miss you more than any other time...then your call made my heart jump all over again...what a coincidence? I think not : )

There's so much going on in both our world's, I know that we must stay focused on what we want out of our lives. At times I think to myself though... 

Why is it that I've had to jump through so many hoops to get here? Is it worth all the sleepless nights? Is it worth the uncertainty? Is it worth the struggle and sacrifice? Is it worth.... YOU?

As I try not to think so much, which is merely impossible because that's what I do best, I've been able to learn what's good and what isn't for my life and see the truth of the overall matter...which in this case is my happiness. I have to think of a long term effect...the choices I make today and tomorrow will shape my future, and as they say, "One will reap what they sew".  This is where this song "Running" comes into play for me....

What I wouldn't give to know that you're to be by my side when "Running to the Future" know that you inspire me to the point of the fact that all I can keep doing is keep "Running" give me so much of yourself in such a small amount of time that all I want to seem to do is "Run" with what you're able to bless me with. You never make me want to give up, if anything, every time I'm around you, you build me care.

I don't give into the "Unknown", because in all reality, tomorrow is never promised...we can only hope and pray that were able to continue onto the future. So many have said that I've done so much thus far without knowing what my outcome will be, although, in my heart, I'm in it for the long haul. One must not toy with the human emotion, that's why I know we came across each other at a perfect of us needed to heal, and the other has been able to supply that healing in many ways, yet the most important is that of the soul, which I'm glad to see that you're finding yourself and your voice.

You're shining more and more every know that I'm very proud of you, and keep on "Running"...cause I think we'll make it <3

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