Friday, November 18, 2011

<--Dive Into the Necessary...NOT the UNNecessary-->

Today in the salon I was talking to one of my clients about "Diving" she has nothing to lose by giving herself fully into what she's always wanted. This woman has been working on herself day in and day out always trying to take the right step so she can take 2 steps forward and not go backwards. Now that she's worked on herself, she's found her voice, inner strength and knows what and where she needs to be, by "Diving" into a whole new situation she's afraid of losing what she gained and is afraid to lose her passion of soul searching.

Until I told her this:

"By being afraid you're giving FEAR it's rightful position where it doesn't belong, it's doesn't exist in your world anymore."

Meaning that we pay attention to so much of the unnecessary that we enter into this scared mind frame  and we refuse to accept what's actually going to make a difference. One would think that by adulthood it doesn't  really affect the mind, yet, it's when it's the most dangerous.

"Diving" into the necessary can only create success upon success upon success, it would be a positive domino effect! Though when diving into the unnecessary, by giving this hollow bubble the light of day, it's only going to prove that you're afraid to make a move towards positivity. Once you have YOU available and ready to dive into other opportunities, completely fully immersed, is when you'll start to see positive reinforcements all around you.

Do you have anything to lose??? Genuinely speaking...NO...if anything you're going to build an even bigger empire for yourself to roam around in, meet other people, really see what "Diving In" has caused your outcome to be. 

Now remember, it's Necessary to take care of others when you're good with yourself, it is Unnecessary to block your vision of what you want for yourself.

 <--Dive Into the Necessary...NOT the UNNecessary-->

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