Sunday, November 27, 2011

~To Say that I'm Missing Something..Only means that it's Me~

I took a full day and a half to not do anything, to dedicate myself to only ME..which by now, as many of you know, that's a very difficult task for me, being that I like to cater to the world.

In that 1.5 day absence, I was spying on the social networks to see what others were up to, I do that from time to time to gain perspective on what others are up to, see what they're feeling, etc. Well, the majority of the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ status' ALL have one thing in common:

Love is in need, and unfortunately, 
nothing is being done to make it a priority

LOVE is a necessary feeling that the human soul needs in order to feel's a must as we say. Yeah we have family, siblings, best friends, etc., yet we say, "It isn't the same..I want a REAL love!" While we tend to feel sorry for ourselves and really feel down because we believe that our true soul mates are never to come, we miss the bigger picture and once again fall under the spell of, "I'm unworthy of having a real love, of someone loving me". 

Do we dare say to ourselves that we are UNWORTHY of having anything? Do we dare convince ourselves that only another person can make us whole? Can we be happy just by being with ourselves?

I was to have a date this past Friday that unfortunately fizzled 2 hours prior to, I haven't opened myself in a very long time because I'm actually quite satisfied with being with ME, though at times I would like to be with someone, in my LIFE right now I would think that it's virtually and physically impossible with all that I have going on. It's still kind of mysterious how this date wasn't meant to be, yet, as I said to my very dear sister-in-law, it was a SIGN. Of course I was bummed, if anything I look forward to gaining friends, and I like to open myself up to new opportunities, and I know that in due time, if I must once again step into a relationship, I better be ready! I'm being optimistic that I will hopefully one day meet this fellow for I am interested in seeing him in person, hopefully, he is to, if not, it's all good : )

Now today being Sunday, I feel good, I feel I have so much unfinished business that it's only a matter of time before I get it done. I actually don't feel as if I'm missing something, I feel as if there's more to gain, more that I need to look out for. I bring to my LIFE whatever it is I'm craving, whether it's work, fun, relaxation, happiness, sadness, etc. 

I say the same thing to ALL of you, to say that you're missing only means that it's you, if you want LOVE, bring it to you, if you don't, then you'll be back to square 1. Feel worthy of yourself to know that you can have the best this LIFE has to offer, whether it's a job, a better life, a loving partner, even a beautiful day, we ALL have the ability to make LIFE what we want it to be and where we want to be.

Are we worthy of it...YES!

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