Thursday, November 3, 2011

Discover the Lighter Side : )

I'll be the first one to say that LIFE can be overwhelming at times. We forget that were here, on this earth for a reason, to make the most out of what were given, and what were given, we've given it to ourselves.

To every dark side, there's a light side....just as when something tastes good, it can also taste pretty much comes with the territory. I'm sure we can ALL feel when the dark side takes over, it's NEVER fun and you always seem to feel a cloud looming around..yet also, it's normal to have to deal with the dark side, as I've mentioned before, it's how we take the experiences and whether or not we decide to learn from them.

After every dark side comes the light side...the side where you feel the energy, the warmth inside you...making you want to do nothing but SMILE! The symptoms are:

-->Hunger in the morning
-->Enjoy a shower/bath
-->Sing in the car on the way to work
-->Greeting everyone with, "Good Morning!" or "Good Afternoon!"
-->Indecisiveness doesn't exist
-->You actually enjoy the glare of the sun instead of wanting to hide from it
-->You smile for no reason
-->You splurge on yourself

Now...doesn't this sound like a Lighter Side of LIFE??!

It almost makes it sound like a cheezy, idealistic day for Mike Brady of the Brady Bunch...although it can be achieved...what's so bad about making sure you're looking out for yourself in the right way? Absolutely nothing!

A Lighter Side can really make a difference in how you're living day to day. I remember in my late teens I would always hear my Mom complain about this and that and how the sky was going to crumble if things didn't go her way...and I would say to her, "You know Mom, the more you worry the more wrinkled you're going to get...", let's just say..she wasn't amused! So true though...goodness gracious!

Overall, stay positive my friends for the world can offer you both the dark and light side...
it just depends on YOU for which one you choose to bring along for the ride.

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