Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Year- The 2nd Half (Pt. 2)

I hope all of you enjoyed the 1st half of my 2011 seemed pretty interesting for myself to reflect upon it as I was writing it.

Well, here we go with the 2nd half of 2011-->


To finish off June, that month was the beginning of the lessons I had to learn. A couple of "friends" were used to me offering them free hair services due to this neverending economy, and I'm all for helping others in their time of need. What wasn't known at this time was my move to Pasadena, I kept it very hidden because it wasn't real even to me, until everything was said and done. I started helping out my parents in a financial sense as well, along with some of my other siblings, and I had to make sure I was in the "steady" part of my own financial status. So then these "friends" (about 6 of them), were wanting me to provide them with free hair services and were expecting me to get them in at ANY given time, until I put a STOP to it myself. I knew it would cause conflict, not for me, but for them, because I wouldn't be catering to them anymore. Sure enough, one by one, they ALL began to say the same thing, "To save our friendship..." so on and so forth, and sooner rather than later they stopped calling or even inviting me out to dinners that I myself paid for. For months after I was hurt, because I knew they didn't care about who I was as a person, they cared about what I could give them, what I could provide for them. A very sad reality unfortunately time unveiled the TRUTH.

In July I was able to take a weekend off and go to Lake Arrowhead for the first time with my foster family. It was very high, very beautiful, and again, relaxing! So relaxing that I stayed in my pajama's the whole weekend, my favorite attire in the whole wide world!

August proved to be a very busy time as I was preparing clients to go back to school and get all the Mom's looking their best for the new school year.  I joined the Hair & Make-Up Union in Los Angeles, which was an amazing accolade for me in my professional career. I was what one would say on Cloud 9...until...near the end of that month.

It was then that I was accused of "money laundering" and was let go from one of my salon's where I worked so very hard to get ahead in. For one, I've NEVER stolen money in my LIFE, not even from my own parents. In my 10 year career and 28 years of LIFE, I've handled thousands of  amounts of cash, checks and credit cards, and not once have I stolen one penny from any register or an employee and/or owner. Unfortunately, I found out some pretty interesting details surrounding this "money laundering" accusation, so much that the IRS would be interested in this information on their behalf, not mine...alas, I decided NOT to rely on vengeance for as it was explained in a homily at Church 1 week after the incident, "No matter how many times you are done wrong by anyone, you must forgive them anywhere from 7 to 77 times, however many times it takes you, for retaliation is the LORD's doing, not YOURS!" FORGIVENESS resounded so strong in my head, although my true nature was that of darkness, a very dark place of vengeance. I was completely hurt and destroyed, because the majority of what this business gained was because of my knowledge and those of my business savy co-workers as well. This is what I got for helping. I didn't have time to sulk and be down..thankfully, 2 days later, I was hired at another establishment, again, THANKFULLY!! Yet, I was filled with hurt, anger and pain. In due time, I would get over it. I finally broke down in tears weeks later for the first time in a year and a felt good to get it out.

In September I turned 28, I did work a little bit that day, then after I spent the rest of the day with my closest sister was a much needed sibling time. A lot of other friends and siblings had birthday's that month as well, so there were celebrations at least every week in that month. One being my little niece Sophia, she turned 1 and a bunch of us took a Friday off to be with her and enjoy the day at Disneyland. It was very magical! A 12 hr walking day filled with love and joy on her face and on all of us adults was what ALL of us needed. Very special indeed!

October was when I found out my Dad needed a place to go to for several reasons, and it was announced that I was the only one out of my siblings that could take him in. Fair? Not really yet I didn't fight it, I'll take on any challenge and show everyone that survival is possible, there will be that light at the end of the tunnel. He moved in a day before Halloween and my one bedroom apartment now houses 2 grown men. This is still a very hard situation for me because I lack privacy and I have him on my mind everyday that I'm away from my place. Patience is what I continuously ask GOD for because there's such an age gap between my Dad and I, I'm 28, and he's's hard to understand each other many times of the day, yet I'm glad I can make sure he's OK wherever I am. I have to make clear and conscious choices about his future very soon, it's very scary, though not impossible. We'll get there if anything.

November and December brought the Holiday's, my allergies, a failed attempt at dating, a wedding of LOVE, several repeat clients not coming back because I wouldn't cater to their tantrums, and I held the 1st Annual Canned Food/Blanket Drive for Busy Little Queen & Company. What can I say, I can multitask anything, including my personal life. The Blanket/Food Drive was a HUGE success, in part due to my clientele and close friends who rallied together to bring comfort to those who are less fortunate, which is a major plus for me! We can put ourselves last to help others in need, it keeps us human. My allergies, well, they're allergies (shrug). My one date that never happened, well, let's just say we were texting nonstop, somewhere in there I was seeing red flags left and right, and I called it, we never met, he canceled 2 hrs prior to us meeting for the first time. I'm 28, not 15, move on! My foster Mom re-married a wonderful man that treats her like a Queen, my best friend and I were able to sing at the wedding, and thankfully all came together beautifully as GOD would have it. The tantrum clients, y'all know who you are and if you're reading this, I hope you found someone that can take care of your EVERY need, unfortunately, YOU are not for me anymore and I am not for you either. We moved on in least I did. Thanksgiving and Christmas brought smiles, a lot of my family members together, and clarity to much sought after confusion. Now I'm just awaiting the New Year to come just like everyone else.

Overall, 2011 came with a lot of surprises and unexpected situations, and I take every single one with me along for my ride of LIFE...for there's ONE Busy Little Queen, and I will say this, if you don't know the name, make sure you do, because you WILL know who I am in 2012!

Here's to 2012!

P.S. To ALL who wished that something wrong would happen to me...I'm still here...I forgive YOU for any thoughts that hurt YOU more than they hurt ME...I'm smiling and thanking GOD for every negative thought that came my way from YOU, for YOU have made me STRONGER than EVER

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