Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hiding in the Shadow

Before this economy went south and took us ALL by storm, we were bold, loud, and had no worry in the world. They were times where if we encountered an ounce of fear or terror, we would stand tall up against it whether we'd get burned or got out of it without a scratch. 

Now, three years into the depths and bowels of the darkness, we find ourselves loving the inevitable. A place where we can hide and not have to show our faces because apparently, we have lost our sense of direction and have lost all sense of any possibilities ever coming our way for us to regain consciousness.

Don't get me wrong, ALL of us have been swept up in a tornado and have been thrown in any which way it knew how. I've seen businesses go down to nothing, families losing their homes, countless people losing their jobs, people with Master's degrees that now work at Starbucks, gas prices skyrocketing to almost $5 in major cities, the count of homeless people on the streets have tripled, etc. It sounds like a bad dream that most of us want to shake ourselves so bad that we want to wake up and be back to where we used to be.

Unfortunately, were here today, and living the aftermath and 

 I can only say that if anything, were fortunate to see the light of day, everyday.  We've ALL experienced what it's like to lose something due to the lifestyles that we once led. The economy is getting better here and there, yet instead of having just one job, many have 2 or more (I myself have 3), trying to hang on tight to what's left of our strength. It's hard to be optimistic and know that ONE day we can go back to where we used to be.

I do see a lot of perseverance, a lot more humbleness, and above all, the TRUTH that people had hiding within, also, in this journey... were not alone...were ALL going through a lot of changes, and thankfully, a lot of choices are being made carefully. It seems like we don't really have a choice these days, although, we do.

As they say, with any storm comes the sunlight. It's unfortunate that some of us have found comfort HIDING IN THE SHADOW, even though we were put there to begin with..and again...we have choices. All will resolve itself within a certain amount of time, and at this point, we know that we have a couple more years before anything settles down, until then, let us remember that at some point, something had to go down to make sure that "FEARLESS" facade wasn't going to plague what were really about. One step at a time, we'll get to the point where we can once again feel secure, we just have to hang in there and know ALL will be O.K.

The Sun will come out after the Storm
Blessings and Love to You ALL my friends <3

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