Saturday, December 31, 2011

<--A Year in Closing-->

Today's Facebook Status read as the following:

"A closing to another year is on the matter how good or how bad things got in the past 12 months, GROWTH was experienced and we are to move on in a NEW direction...Happy Friday my friends!!! ♥"

I'm happy to report that at least 20 of my friends liked it, I'm glad it hit home for a lot of you!

When I was in my Teenage Years going into my Young Adult stage and I would get my feelings hurt in some way, my Mom (aka Mommy Dearest) would always say to me:

"I'm glad something like this happened to you, this just means it's going to make you stronger!"

I would then snarl at her and would walk away thinking she was the meanest person in the world, but I knew what she was talking about. In this year, I had her inside my head every time something bad happened and my heart would sink. It's as TRUE today as it was back when she used to say it.

As I sit here and now write to you all and say that were A LOT stronger than when we first started out, I'm pretty sure and safe to say that it's the TRUTH and reality. Everything makes sense and appears clearer everyday I think about ALL the good and ALL the bad.

I was able to find out that:

-->A mistake doesn't always have to be a negative aspect
-->Were allowed to change our minds within reason and not feel bad
--> Speaking your mind is the best result in any case
-->LOVE comes in many forms, not just from the heart, but in action as well
-->It's O.K. to be HAPPY for those whom have hurt you in the past

Personally, it took 8 years of my LIFE to fully know I would be O.K. with moving on from the opportunity I thought I lost and didn't take advantage of. I was making the right business decisions and fully aware of what would be my next step, but spiritually and inside my heart I was lost and hollow. This year I met so many people that fell in that exact space of eternal blame. It brought back so many memories yet I was able to help in the right direction and give so much of the positive aspects rather than get stuck upon any of the negative ones. 

These 5 bullet points that you see above I was FINALLY able to make sense of them  rather than just allow them to only be words and have them all to go over my head. A lot of you I've spoken to have made GREAT progress and an amazing turnaround in your lives! Some of you are at least on the brink of wanting to explore a NEW sense of direction and a NEW sense of LIFE. Either way, KEEP up the search, KEEP up the ever changing factors of LIFE!

What makes us grow is our passion to continuously search NOT for the right answer, rather for the right path.

A year can bring so much of everything. It's allowed us to face the most difficult of situations and the happiest. If you've made it through the year with bruises from the stones that were throw at you, be grateful, for it taught you STRENGTH....If you've made it through the year with a patch that you had to sew up in your grateful for it taught you PATIENCE....If you made it through the year wiping away your tears and putting on a genuine smile... be grateful for it taught you FORTITUDE.

My friends, ALL I can say is, in a year of closing, EVERYTHING is worth it's LOVE and SACRIFICE. Now we can put on a smile, say FAREWELL to 2011 and ring in the NEW 2012 YEAR!

A little side note, you've ALL made a BIG difference in my life for having had allowed me to enter your minds and hearts with my experiences of LIFE. "Busy Little Queen Says..." wouldn't be successful and wouldn't be able to continue if you ALL hadn't shown your full support!! I thank you for making 2011 a GREAT year in writing and philosophy!! I can't wait to see what we can discuss in 2012 and where we can take these PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE LIFE experiences!

Thank you EVERYONE for this amazing opportunity!!!
Busy Little Queen loves and thanks you ALL!!!

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