Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To KNOW is to LOVE

I meet couples everyday...whether out in the street, in the salons, or at the T.V. stations I work at....and I've met them in all stages and in every form imaginable, older, younger, middle aged, gay, straight, and of every mix of color. This year has brought the most unlikely people to come together, and when I mean unlikely I mean polar opposites. Yet, it's so beautiful when I see the love these couples have for each other.

Of course, like the "chismoso" that I am (that means Gossip in Spanish slang) I always have to ask about how these couples first met, and each and every time, it never fails, both stories have the same similar core, but have differences about who pursued who and who made the first moves. Nonetheless though, it all comes down to the love they feel for one another. Now a lot of these couples have moved in together within the past year, and one thing they all have in common is the TRUTH behind the struggle of merging two live into one.

I have to say, this has always scared me, due to the way I've always liked to keep my things a certain way, for some reason it's hard for me to let go in that aspect. Though I know it must always be a 50/50 meet halfway type of thing, the older I get the more it's easy for me to be spontaneous and understand the circumstance. Yet, I'm human, and I'm a's in the stars!

The same thing I heard a million years ago I still hear today:

"When you find that certain someone, nothing will matter because you want them close to you at all times and your details in your life will go out the window, the only thing that will matter will be the the LOVE and UNION between the two of you and nothing else"---> Believe it or not, this is from my MOM..aka Mommy Dearest

It's so do I know? I've seen it first hand and continue to see it. This is when we go into  
"The Know"....

When do you KNOW that this is the one? 

You just do...when DOUBT doesn't exist in ANY shape or form...that's when you KNOW that it's LOVE. Like these couples that I've met just this past year, they KNOW this is LOVE, that smile and twinkle in their eyes say it all! It's something that cannot be denied and it's real life evidence, the good kind. You KNOW when you KNOW.

To KNOW is to LOVE...To LOVE is to come ALIVE!

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