Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coming Clean with the Situation

The first thought in your mind right now is...."What situation is he talking about??? I wanna know!"

Well, let's talk about this situation shall we.....

Ever feel trapped, bombarded, forced to say "YES" and not because you want to, guilty, suppressed????

Yeah, I've been there, MANY times! How many times have I talked about the TRUTH, making sure it comes out in the best light possible so no feelings will get hurt and no one takes it the wrong way....the last thing one wants to do is hurt others, especially their feelings and make them the object of negativity.

What does it take to OWN your feelings and actually ACT upon them without having to hurt the person next to you? 

--->Communication (Internal and External)

Now you might be asking, "How can you communicate your feelings externally?" Well, it's obvious that you can communicate your feelings internally through your tone of voice, explaining yourself and saying what you need to say in due time. Externally, you can use your actions to help get your point across in the right direction, allowing there to be space can be a life saver as well as a tie careful how you wish to view can last a lifetime.

At times there tends to be a lot of emotions involved, a lot of pent up guilt that just grew more and more each day, which can actually make it difficult to communicate. As we learn and say that communication is key...we also tend to avoid communication altogether for the sake of not having confrontation. By avoiding, it only makes things harder and awkward.

This is why it's better to "Come Clean" with what it is you need to get off your chest, to avoid ANY difficulties. Even though "Coming Clean" basically means that you should admit to a lie you may have told, as it being the TRUTH, it can definitely hurt... damn, it can pierce a nerve, yet, it can also save on time in your life that can be better spent. What makes "Coming Clean" a good opportunity is the sense behind it....if anything, does it make sense to feel suppressed, guilty, trapped? Why would it make any's a negative feeling. Opportunities come when you least expect them to, take full advantage of them to bring closure to your heart and mind.

Whichever situation you may be dealing with that requires you to "Come Clean", remember that it's always for the best, never the opposite. As for my situation...I believe it's time to "Come Clean" myself. Pretty soon I will be sharing about stay tuned...for mindful in

Coming Clean with the Situation

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