Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coming Home

A year ago this month (December) I went to go see the movie "Country Strong"...which I actually got to see it twice in the movie theater because I loved it so much!

For some reason it's a BIG shock when people find out that I LOVE country music, I know I don't fit the profile and all, although, I don't fit any of the stereotype profiles in the world if were going to go that say the least, country music is where my heart lies : )

This is why when I watched Country Strong for the first time, I fell in LOVE with the songs and the storyline. The songs tell stories, stories that hit home...whether about love, heartache, or even a summer day barbecuing burgers. They're real and have substance.The storyline follows the continuous struggle of a successful singer who's trying to get better for the sake of saving her career, not just for her, but for her husband/manager per his instructions.

Gwyneth Paltrow really knew how to portray the LIFE of a struggling singer with a disease that many Americans unfortunately go through everyday, they don't call her an Oscar winner for nothin'! Near the end of the film, her character sings her last song of the concert titled,  
"Coming Home" which she describes that after everything that she has going on, everywhere she needs to be and everything she's going through, she can come home to herself, her safe haven. The song has such conviction, that it gave me chills because I related directly to the song myself....especially with the chorus:

The world tried to break me
I found a road to take me
There ain't nothing but a blue sky now
After all of my running
I’m finally coming

So many times were running around, going from place to place and making sure all get's done accordingly, yet, more times than often, the world breaks us because for some reason, something isn't right...therefore we can't wait to get home to call it a day and be at peace. It feels good to do so and it creates such an amazing environment of safety. We have to make sure though that we have a place to call home, a place where ALL that were about is inside ourselves where no on can touch it (our Safe Haven)

After working 12 hr days or more at times, having no days off for weeks, taking care of people's emotions, and providing for many, not just myself, it's safe to say that I have a place, a physical and emotional place where I can come HOME to and be there for me, making sure I see my blue skies.

A lot of what I go through are choices I've made, and many have also been made for me, yet I feel content to say that being able to come home to me has been one of the hardest issues I'd ever had to face, because I had gone so long without paying attention to what I needed...I forgot about Coming Home to me. Yet I've survived and now LIVE to tell about it through my actions, writings and experiences

Many believe that Coming Home is a place of non-existence, yet, one has to remain at a consistent level to be able to reach it...if it is as they say "Where the Heart is...", then YOU personally must know where your heart belongs and where you stand.

Just like in Country Strong, Coming Home is a struggle, a struggle where it can ALL end or continue...just make sure you COUNT every second you struggle to make your HOME your Safe Haven.

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