Saturday, February 25, 2012


The word "Abandonment" has such a negative meaning to it, that although it may seem that way, it can be overturned into a positive action...yet, what does "Abandonment" really say to you personally..?

To withdraw one's support or help from;
To give up by leaving or ceasing to operate or inhabit

Of course you've heard the phrases, "Don't leave me! Don't abandon our love!" or "I have abandonment issues" or "I did not expect to be abandoned"...Often in our daily lives we tend to jump from one thing to another every single time it get's tough for us, every time we believe that it won't get any better.

Parents, siblings, close friends, relationships, we've ALL experienced at least ONE aspect of abandonment. Usually it takes place when something is too unbearable to handle so were then looking for a positive reinforcement and eventually, wanting to get our way. So we move on and open door after door after door until we get what we want, what we think is the answer to every prayer imaginable.

What clouds us as humans at times is the inability to ACCEPT that we are NOT to succeed at everything we do or try to accomplish. We may seem to know those times as our "weaker" moments, and little to we know at times, we need those moments to remind us of our strength, how much we can withstand and how much growth has been progressed, if any. 

I have seriously thought at times to get rid of everything I've ever worked for and just feed it to the wolves so it can solve a lot of family and personal issues...yet, it wouldn't make me happy, if anything it would make me miserable to know that I had to give into the pressure of others. It's a bit difficult at times to sense or even see the light at the end of the tunnel because of the LONG road it takes at times to really achieve a goal. 

Is all the stress worth it?? Does the self doubt get easier after a while?? Will there ever be a time where I can easily move forward? 

The answers are that much at odds when ABANDONMENT takes place every time an obstacle presents itself and we take a step backward. The more we abandon our issues, the farther away we move from our inner beings.

It's normal to be scared, to be afraid of LIFE altogether, we don't know what may come tomorrow, and in reality, how prepared can we really be? Not much, although we can expect to fully capture LIFE in it's own essence, on it's own tangent and on it's own timeline. Opening other doors before closing the one in front of you will only obscure your vision, will only bring you issues upon other issues and cause stress. Why not just face head on what needs to get done? Find an answer that speaks directly to you instead of beating around the bush...then you'll be able to close that door and will then be able to open another one, and this time, on YOUR own terms and on YOUR own time.

We ALL have issues, we ALL have what we fear, what's left is to build our strength and close those doors one by one and lock them up once and for ALL

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