Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"I come home to ME, I belong to ME, I am worth ME"

As I see the world and it's different sides every week, instead of trying to make sense out of it, I simply put myself in and take myself out when necessary! What does this mean exactly? Pretty much that instead of trying to fit in a certain situation, I adapt to what it is at the moment, and at the end of the day, I come back home to's safer that way : )

So many out there are dealing with loss, confusion, anger, disappointment, complacency, etc. The world isn't at it's best whatsoever, at the same time, what can make a better world is 1 person, one step at a time, and a genuine smile.

As most of you that have spoken to me, and I say this now so it's out there in the Universe, that the main focus in order to survive LIFE is a steady where if anything was to shake it up at any time, instead of tumbling, it would be more of a mild shake and then become an after thought. Most of the time, certain comments and actions can hurt our hearts and then have us question our future actions and direction..and I've found this with so called "friends".

In one of the many cases I can share is that of certain "friends" that supposedly have had my best interest at heart, yet, it was their greed that led them down the distorted and unhappy path they unfortunately lead now. In the past I've always trusted everyone, meaning that in my head, I never thought that anyone could have a mean bone in their body, yet, when it came to what I do for a living, their greed got in the way, and of course me, I didn't even question let alone blink to what was it really that they were after, until what we like to call, "push came to shove", and that's where it ALL got laid out on the table. It started to become more apparent of, "Hey, how are you? I need THIS done or I need THAT done, and it HAS to be done within a time frame!" and the constant interruption when I was talking only for them to say, "Yeah, so this is what I want to look like.."...WOW!

So then it clicked like a snap on button to me! They don't care about what goes on in my life, they care about what I can give them and if I can deliver....sad but TRUE!

So of course I started to examine how I could initially handle this and how important their "friendship" was to me, UNTIL I came to know, that I gained NOTHING from their "friendship"! I went through the initial LOSS, CONFUSION, ANGER, DISAPPOINTMENT, and COMPLACENCY feelings, and was mad at myself for letting it go this far! At the same time, it was important for me to go through this to show MY place in their lives.

Have I since stopped associating myself with those "friends"?..YES, and there have been more than 5 of them. Do I take a second look at who I allow in my LIFE now?.. Most definitely YES! I would stay in those situations and contemplate on them for days on end, it was exhausting! Now I've been able to solidify my foundation enough to withstand the shakes. It also get a little easier when I have to be in certain places with certain people whom I don't necessarily "click" with..I adapt and take myself out when needed.

YOU also have that choice...YOU can come home to YOU, make sure YOU belong to YOU, and know that YOU are worth YOU!

"I come home to ME, I belong to ME, I am worth ME"
-Erik Velasco


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  2. Another beautiful and insightful entry that I'm grateful you're sharing!

    So often people share the gift of kindness, generosity and sincerity only to be taken advantage of by people who you correctly call greedy. Many times this results in turning those kind, generous people into jaded, cynical and bitter souls. The poor things become contaminated by the greedy who prey on them.

    The toughest thing to do is to preserve the good in you after you've been taken advantage of. But it's the right thing to do for one's own well-being.
    In the end becoming jaded with the world is giving too much power to those who used you and cheating those who can uplift you in the process.

    You've figured that out and we are all lucky for that.

    Thank you for being you and still sharing. Your powers are mighty; as those who tried to play you are finding out.

    Love ya!

    Rosemary "La Generalisima" Rivera