Friday, July 22, 2011

A Letter To You (Pt.2)

Dear You,

Hope all is as it should be for you this week! As i had explained earlier in the week, mine would be fun yet filled with work related escapades, something you're far too familiar with, which is a good thing!

Everyday on my social network sites I try to find an inspirational quote that comes from my own heart, and today was about how LIFE can be filled with so much of everything, yet it's LIFE that brings it all together in the end. I was feeling enclosed at that very moment that I wrote it, that when it came out, it was as if I had released everything that had such pressure and weighing on my shoulders. As much as others express that they need those words I give the world, I too need to be reminded of them, where in every aspect, it's a win win situation.

I received a special task this week, ONE that I couldn't say "NO" to because for some reason or the other, it was MEANT for me to carry on what will be a trying yet shaky time for my gifts. I didn't understand what my initial task was until my mentor made it clear to me, then it ALL made sense!

This is my task:


"To love someone regardless of the loved one's qualities or actions"

It was also explained to me that it would change the dynamic of the entire situation completely, and I must be completely honest, it is because of this task, in which I had before, that I had strayed away from my heart for years. I was afraid of being broken and I fought for so long to get myself together again, that I HAD to ask myself, would I risk it all over again? 

Then I was told that it is because of "Unconditional Love" that Iwas able to grow and survive what I had gone through before. Therefore, I now know what is going to be lying up ahead and need to get my mind and soul together and be well prepared.

All I can say is, together, we'll get through it and succeed, with the help of "Unconditional Love"!

Well, until next time, I will be keeping you posted on the updates, making sure YOU know every step of the way : )

Have a great night and be safe out there in the world!

Love & Respect,

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