Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Still...

This is one of my favorite songs from the Backstreet Boys! I recently went to go see them along with The New Kids on the Block, and let me just tell you, my friend and I were ENAMORED with them!!! Although, this song was not performed,  which didn't surprise me because this wasn't one of their biggest hits, which actually makes me LOVE it that much more : )

"I Still..." deals with the aftermath of a relationship where one side is still lingering and hanging on to what was. 

Typical broken love song, but yet, one where the TRUTH is so apparent! Tell me that this isn't what we ALL go through when THE END of any relationship has come full circle???!

There's a specific line in the chorus that for me just struck a chord (pun intended!), and it reads as follows:

I still need you,
I still care about you,
Though everything's been said and done,
I still feel you,
Like I'm right beside you,
But still no word from you.

For some reason, I tend to believe that by NOT receiving word from that "person" is actually for the best. I have friends and family at the present time that would actually want to hear from the "person" just to see what they're up to. Deep inside though it's the curiosity to see if they're much better off now than how they once were in the relationship, more of a confirmation to the soul and ease to the heart.

To ALL my heartbroken loves out there:

I've said this to myself and have said it to others as well, when you FEEL that time has run out in ANY relationship, it's O.K. to say "This is as far as I'll go". Yes of course Fear is going to come about and say, "What if you can't live without them...Is this the best decision for you?....Am I being a hypocrite?...Am I running away for NO reason?"..and well, let me say, let Fear talk it's ugly head off, but decipher the valid points from the UNNECESSARY ones and let them GO. It's absolutely human nature to want to go back to what once was, but let me pose this question on you, Is your heart going to be fulfilled because you went back to comfort OR is your mind going to be encased in the never ending  thought of "What If"? Every case is different and at ANY given point, you can choose to believe that you're the only one in the world to feel the sorrow of Doubt and Hurt, but truthfully, LIFE won't be or get any better until you have the courage to say, "What's DONE!" 

If by any chance you feel yourself saying, "I Still...", allow yourself to STILL care for them, allow yourself to STILL feel for them, allow yourself to STILL smile at what once was....only NOW, allow yourself to RENEW and RESTART what matters most.... 

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