Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Reason for Everything

This is a very touchy subject matter due to thousands of opinions, although, one way or another, we've all experienced what this saying truly is:

A Reason for Everything

Is there such a thing as coincidence? Is there such a thing as good luck? Is there such a thing as being at the right place at the right time? 

All of these questions are valid and yet throughout our lives, there's always a point where WE decide for ourselves, based on our experiences, which ones make the most sense altogether. I firmly believe that there's a reason for the following:

--> Double Standards
                                                    -->Final Decisions

What do ALL of these have in common? Yes they're bad circumstances, yet they're circumstances where were able to stand tall afterward and say that we survived some of the worst times this life has to offer us. At the same time, it all depends on how each person takes it once having gone through it.

Being rational and making sure steering clear of ANY hidden emotion that plague the human heart is key. What can we gain after having hit ANY rock bottom circumstance???

Strength, Clarity, and Peace of Mind

Strength--> The ability to have gained all around consciousness and being able to surpass a difficult task without having to break the soul.

Clarity-->The ability to be able to think clearly without having to question oneself over and over again and being able to make a thought out judgment with the help of STRENGTH

Peace of Mind-->The ability to be at ease with oneself and not have anxiety constantly polluting the mind, being able to see "through the FOG" with the help of CLARITY.
With anything bad, comes good.....
     What comes down, must go up at some point.........
           With any void comes re-invention.......

A puzzle can only be completed once the player realizes the full image and see's it for it's is then when he/she also realizes the importance of time lapsed...there's 

A Reason for Everything!

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