Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's the DETAIL that counts!

As a kid, I never required much my teens, I required A LOT of an adult, the less personal attention the better...but one thing is for sure:

As I like less personal attention these days, I also love when someone pays attention to the smallest detail of a simple smile, wave, text, and/or my personal favorite, a HUG!

Pretty much, it's the detail that counts!

These days I'm lucky if I get a genuine "Hi how are you" without the good 'ol question following, "Can you do my hair?" Believe me I'm not complaining at all, this comes with the territory, but there is a difference when someone is wanting to hear you out  and see what you're up to compared to someone who just wants something done for them.

By detail, it always feels good when you get a text or a call that says, "Hope you have a great day!" or "Thinking of you" warms the heart! The other day a friend of mine brought me my favorite type of Arizona Tea in the middle of my work was my face gleaming! I have some really close clients that bring me treats or even lunch at times and it means the world to me! That is unbelievable detail ; )

Listening is a HUGE part of detail...I genuinely listen to every client that sits in my chair and see what they're up to and how they're feeling. I always want to make sure they're best personality aspect is ready to shine by the time they leave those salon doors. I never knew how powerful the art of listening could be until I started my career 10 years ago. I love to see how LIFE is so different for everyone, especially when I get to hear both the good and "not so good" parts, it's what makes us HUMAN.

A smile and a wave can surely make a person's day when it is genuinely done. I can detect a fake smile and wave from a mile away, I've had those type of clients too! It's true that one never knows what someone else is going through until you wave and smile at them and/or have it done to you. It creates such ease and lots of comfort, and believe it or not, for some, it heals that one part of them that is torn.

Oh but the HUGS!!! When you get a hug that stems from HERE to SPACE, man that just makes your whole month!!!! You can really show a person how much you care depending on how strong your hug is. Oh, and if you swing back and forth, it creates such tenderness and a great feeling that lasts for the rest of the day. In case you're wondering, YES I am a hugger!!! My brothers and sisters always get a HUGE HUG from me, I love them all!! My close friends, they get the swinging kind of HUG, and whenever I've had someone special, they get the strong-caressed hug...see, a HUG can have a thousand meanings : )

 So to those who just give a mild hug, half a smirk, a signed card with no message...remember that:

It's the DETAIL that counts!

Give a HUG, a Smile, a Wave : )

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