Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remember those WALLS I built

It's fitting to say that in LIFE, everything and everyone has an opinion, no doubt. You'll either be loved, liked, disliked or hated. There are some people out there that are so cruel, so miserable that they decide to make something out of nothing, I have some of those in my family...and if you pay attention, everything will be bugging you and you'll be on edge your whole LIFE.

To help not let it get inside your skin, everytime something or someone negative attacks, simply repeat:

Remember those WALLS I built

As a kid, if I wasn't fat I was too skinny, if I was to say I was Gay I was flamboyant, if I was too quiet I was mischievous, and if I told the truth I would get in trouble, and if I lied I was punished no matter was ALWAYS something!! 

As an adult, if a gray hair didn't cover my client's hair it's my fault I didn't put enough color on that spot, if I don't work hard I'm looked at as being lazy and too comfortable, if I work too much I'm being career obsessed, if I don't have a romance I'm closing myself too much, If I don't pay for things I'm being cheap, if I don't objectify every man walking my way I'm discriminatory against them...again, it's ALWAYS something!!

Yes, I put myself out there for the world to have an opinion, which is fine by me, although, people will talk and talk to make themselves feel or look their very best because why? Only because they can. I've heard and read it all and have taken so much criticism that I can fill up 20 bathtubs full of what others have said about me, and the best part about it is....I DON'T CARE : )

How do you not care what the person next to you is thinking or saying about you? You simply just don't give it a FIRST glance and/or thought. Easier said than done yes, but wouldn't you much rather feel the positivity of your own effort than the negativity of another's conscience??

As we grow we learn to build walls to protect us from any person or thing that's out to capture that light of positivity we ALL naturally have. Sometimes those walls take forever to put up, though it depends on how strong you want them to become. At times they can tumble down, and it's OK, as long as you're able to stabilize them with passion and effort. You'll be looked at as a stuck up person who thinks so highly of yourself, and if that's what others' take of you what
Stand firm and get ready to be bruised, in time you'll heal on the outside.

Each wall you put up around yourself should represent the positive nature you possess, those qualities with which you can help yourself and others when in a time of need. There will be a time where you'll need to a recharge, take down old walls and put up new ones as you grow inside. The beauty of ALL this is the fact that you're able to stay intact and keep yourself whole rather than expose to toxicity. Exposure will happen, though it's up to you how you handle it within your walls.

LIFE isn't always perfect, although the wonders of what ONE being can possess is GREATER than that of an army of 100.

Many Blessings,
 LOVE, and LIGHT my friends!

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