Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Blog?

The same question keeps being asked of me whenever my BLOG is brought up...along with ALL the things I do, and ALL my responsibilities at 28 years old...WHY blog every week???

Well, it's simple everyone...I can only share so much of myself in a 2 hr. color time slot when I have you in my chair in the salons, and most of the time, I want to hear what YOU'VE been up to rather than talk about me. Therefore, when I used to write lyrics and poems back when I was doing my music, I was able to get every emotion out of me, whether it was angst, sadness, happiness, confusion, etc. I've written lyrics since then, although because I'm not performing them, they go in the Busy Little Queen Vault and stay there until I want to revisit them again. 
Then everyone wouldn't be able to know what I've been through, and because I am a pretty private person with some parts of my life, I at least want to get my creativity out in the open, hence my online BLOG.

It's fun to see what others are up to, whether in BLOG form, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or even something as simple as emailing. I still do side projects and have 2 in the making as we speak..I have no time frame for them so I'm taking my time launching them, and as at times it is a curse for me, I'm VERY meticulous with what I put out in the open.

As many of you have read in the past, I've been open about my past romantic relationships, my family, Mommy Dearest, some of my childhood memories, my thoughts and struggles, my talks with GOD, my likes and dislikes in entertainment, etc. When I told Mommy Dearest last year that she was one of my most popular subjects to write about, she said, 

"I can ONLY imagine what you're writing about me!!"
Hahahahahaha! All I could do was laugh! Truth be told, I told her that I write everything as I remember it in my head, NO embellishments. She has yet to read one of my Blogs, although I have nothing to hide, least of all from her. She's my Mom, no matter what! 
She gives me great subject matters though : )

With that said, to celebrate in the 'LIKES' in the entertainment world this week, one of my favorite recording artists who also happens to be a good friend of mine just released her 2nd Cover Song with her video along with it, and due to my surprise, I happen to be in the beginning of the video for a snippet, it's too funny!

Everyone, here is Paula Deanda's new music video "Young, Wild & Free"!

Wasn't it great?! This shows who she really is, a lovable, fun, great singer with a great soul! I love working with her on her projects, especially on her new looks, which you just saw in the video.  
This next one was her last cover song back in December, "Without You":

Ahhhh! I love her vocals! Many great ventures are coming up for my good friend, she deserves it and upon anything, this GOD given talent of hers is ONE to remember for years to come!

Busy Little Queen LOVES you Ms. Paula D!!!

So..why BLOG?
Well, now you know...

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