Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Unexpected

No..this isn't one to be so serious on, don't's actually a very interesting concept, especially when it has to do with one of my first loves....MUSIC!

The music shows are on full gear! At least the two that really take the ratings by storm, The Voice & American Idol. Talk about TALENT!!! These voices on the auditions for these shows are amazing and along with ALL of America are hooked and these singers, again,  that come out of nowhere.

There was an episode on "American Idol" not too long ago, taken place in Galveston, Texas, where 2 out of 3 judges were, in my opinion, letting go of such great singers! Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson were saying "Yes" to some of the not so good singers, while the ones with interesting voices and smooth vibrato's were being let go...I was beside myself! Jennifer Lopez was beside herself as well, she couldn't believe what she was hearing! At one point she even told Randy Jackson, "Really?? Wake UP!" It was mind blowing and annoying, yet, that's part of what makes the show great, they're ALL so different. Hollywood Week is coming up and I can't wait to see who makes the cut, it's brutal because the contestants only get 1 shot to make a great impression. Whoa!

Now on "The Voice", all 4 judges are back and the Blind Auditions have started and the singers auditioning on the show are also so good!!! Although I will say almost every story they've picked to showcase is one of the sappiest stories ever! At one point you just want to be, "Enough Already!", but the world is in turmoil, so we only wish for one of the chairs to turn so the singers will have a chance to show what they're made out of.

A 2 hour episode aired last night, the 6th of February, and one of the contestants that left me wanting more was Dez Duron, the Yale Football player who took a semester off to audition for the's what he sounded like:

Besides the fact that he has good looks, he has a unique sound that in my opinion should've been picked by either Cee-Lo Green or Adam Levine. He took a chance and auditioned with a song from the Backstreet Boys, which is one of the hardest songs to cover because instead of 5 voices, it's only one. He did such a good job revamping the song and making it his own. I myself was very bummed that none of the judges turned around for him. Although something tells me this won't be the last time we'll hear from him. Great Job Dez and keep up the great VOICE!!!

I'm sure like these judges on both shows, there are some UNEXPECTED voices that are coming across where you start to think to yourself, "WOW! Now these are voices, these should be today's artists!" Although, it takes something much more than just a great voice to become successful, it takes ALL of you to become what it is you want to become, expect the UNEXPECTED, and LIVE it to the fullest, cause it'll be a wild ride!!!

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