Friday, February 3, 2012


Before a couple blogs ago we talked about "So-Called Independence", when someone is trapped and is angry at the world and this is the aftermath of it being:


Once you've gone through the motion of feeling sorry for yourself and knowing that you MUST get through the anger issues and accept that it is only YOU that can give yourself that independence, somehow now your heart is free of torment, of anxiety, and self guilt. 

Now you want to break out of your shell and tell those who make your LIFE hell around you to go stick their heads in the mud because YOU don't deserve to be treated poorly (like you and they were doing so before). You want to explore the view, the overall view of meeting new people, getting to wander and appreciate the smallest of things. Although, Self Independence is more than "moving on" and "exploring"'s Self Respect, Self Indulgence, and learning to Self it at all Selfish??? Not when it comes to Self Discovery.

Self Respect
Give yourself ample space to absorb BOTH good and "Not so good" traits about yourself. You are who you are, you can't change them, you can just work on them as you go throughout life. Respect comes a loooong way, learn to live with you and appreciate you.

Self Indulgence
Too much of self indulgence can be crucial as well, yet, when focused on others and they're appetites and desires, it can be OK to indulge on your own piece of cake that everyone else was eating for months, years, on end. Just like cake though, too much will result in a very blah state of mind and a stomach very careful!

Self Appreciate
Is it OK to pat yourself on the back for what you're trying to overcome?? Yes, as long as you're trying to overcome with positivity and not go back to where your mind was for so long. Appreciate ALL with everything you've received, you can only look at what you were able to take from your experiences and NOT add or take away anything to make it better. Appreciate all that you can to make yourself a better tomorrow.

After these, which can take a while, depending on how you look at things, come the 3 L's:
Learn, Live, Love
Learn to Appreciate, Live to See, Love to LOVE 

Being oneself is one of the hardest things to become in LIFE, it takes a lot, yet, as I've said it many times before, it's worth every given opportunity! 

Give back to yourself enough to withstand what you've always fought for..your very own 
Self Independence

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