Friday, February 3, 2012

The World that has room for EVERYONE!

This world has so much room for everyone it's not even funny! I see a lot of people these days trying to upstage one another, trying to prove that their worthy and of course my personal favorite, trying to show and prove to themselves that they deserve all the recognition this world has to offer them. I myself am annoyed whenever this is present, it's such a toxic personality and not a good self-esteem trait.

The more I see this type of behavior and attitude amongst adults the more I seem to always ask myself, "Is this for real?" Especially amongst my industry, which is the Beauty Industry. If you're a hairstylist and/or make-up artist, there's room for you to lay down your techniques how you want them done and how you want to create your name for others to know who you are, in a positive light that is.

There have been many times where I've worked really great with other artists in my industry, and they've also been the not so good moments as well, yet, I accept them for who they are and move on. The EGO is a precious heartfelt insecurity that makes us humans vulnerable. For others, it's not that easy, insecurity sets in and they start to lower themselves to the lowest of ALL standards and start being as toxic as those who don't know any better. Accepting each other for who we are apparently is ONE of many attributes that we have that are not within our reach. Why is that?

I can say that with age comes maturity and with experience comes knowledge.
In the beginning of ANY career you are taught to go out there and make a name for climb your way to the top at any expense, and it can get ruthless. Although the more you climb, the higher you get, at times you will fall only to climb back up a little more careful than before. Within each level that you reach in your career, you're bound to meet others in your same position, who are just like you yet they manage themselves a little differently, and O.K. 

There's no reason to want to destroy others so you can be the last one standing, if anything, join forces to make a better name as a pair. There's room for everyone, and a good plus, is that you each present something different to the table...we as a whole make enough common sense to realize that it all comes down to one simple aspect...RESPECT.

Love yourself and each other to know who you are inside and out,
for this is the world that has room for EVERYONE!

P.S. Here's a video where 2 of us work really great with each other...ENJOY!!

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