Friday, August 31, 2012

Creatures of Change

It seems easy to let things go and spiral out of control especially when the world around you seems to be changing at a rapid pace. When you think, 

"Oh I give up! What's the point?!"

That's really when everything shifts into it's new position. Now the question is, 

"Did my giving up make everything change and take it's new course?"

In my belief system, which is that of a realistic based thought process, whatever we DO or therefore DON'T do, our actions will speak volumes and we will retain an outcome that we are truly ready to live, yet NOT ready to face and come to terms with.

Some will say that Failure is the culprit for these actions and lack there of, yet in my book, it's the reality of the next level of change, of what needs to be taking place 
so that growth is infused and ready to take action.

CHANGE is just that...GROWTH

After all that we do to keep it going, to keep ourselves alive and keep up the momentum in our lives, there comes a point in time where it's just time to throw our hands up and just let things be. There's only so much we can do in such a short time span to make things be the way WE want them to be. 

YES we can fight and act like were 5 years old to let the world know how unfair the UNIVERSE has been to us and how it's just not fair to always have to prove ourselves....until we finally see that it's time to move on, and it's time to learn, grow, and look forward to the next level of what our lives are to become.

We are really Creatures of Change...
if we weren't, then we'd just be the same 'ol bores and never really mount to
 anything above our potential.

Celebrate Change!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)

Hahahahahaha! Sorry, just had to get a laugh out there! I know what you're thinking:

"Oh here BLQ goes again with his somber story
 about lost loves!"

Actually, it's quite the opposite in this entry. Believe it or not I actually love this song by the Pop/Alternative group Vertical Horizon.


"Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" dates back to 
Vertical Horizon's first album, Everything You Want, which was with their first major record label (RCA Records to be exact) in 1999 (right before Y2K!) This song actually was their 3rd single of the album and by then, in 2000, they were everywhere from Leno to Letterman, to my 16 year old bathroom radio boom box on repeat.

When my high school friends found out about me liking this band, they were saying everything from, "What??? Really???" to "But you're mexican!" to "Whoa you're a real white boy now!"

Little did they know that one of my favorite bands are The Cranberries...imagine that!

Even Mommy Dearest caught me listening to this album over and over again and she happened to pass by my room one night and said, 

"How can you like these songs with so much noise?!" 

Then I actually played her this song in particular, and by the look on her face, I thought she actually liked it when in reality she said,

 "Great! Now you're in a sad mood?" 

 It really sounded funnier when she said it in Spanish!

Yes, unfortunately, "Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" is a very sad song, which actually brings me somber memories, and at the same time, it was because of this song that I was able to move on all at the same time. Due to what it says in the chorus:

But it's not so bad,
You're only the best I ever had,
You don't want me back,
You're just the best I ever had.

I really started to think that if I really had the best I ever had in my heart, and it wasn't for me, 
why would I want it back and vice versa?

I fought against it for so long until it just clicked in my thick head that plain and simple,
 the best I ever had wasn't for me in the long run, and it didn't mean that it was the end of the world, 
it just meant I had to accept WHAT WAS and WHAT IS.

Love, emotions, crushes, fantasies NEVER GO UNEXPLAINED
they simply have a beginning, middle, and an end.

Now looking back and having gone through the patch work I had to go through,
it was ALL worth it...

Leaving me to do nothing but LOVE 
the best I ever had and LOVE the Grey Sky Mornings as well!

Monday, August 20, 2012

What ELSE is to be said? SELENA VIVE!

I have to say that the following subject that I'm about to talk about is surely one that should be laid to REST once and for all...unfortunately, will the world EVER be satisfied with the answer that they're being given and/or are receiving FROM THE MEDIA


Ever since the world lost one of the most beloved recording artists, Selena, who was a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and wife, all the media is able to focus on is what really happened in her personal life...

What were her last days on earth like? Was she really happy? Was she leaving her career for another path? Was she hiding anything from her family? Was she in love with someone else?

The answers to these questions have ALREADY been given by her most trusted loved ones and closest inner circle in the very short months after they lost her back in 1995. Yet,  17 years later and counting, people STILL keep giving interviews and continue to come out with obscure and dark stories about what Selena "really" lived during the last years of her short life.

Ultimately, these interviews, statements, stories are ALL invalid

Selena herself is NOT here to set the record straight, and tell her side of what the tabloids and "specials"are accusing her of having done with her own actions. Her family have ALL given interviews on every aspect of who she was and who she continues to be in their heart and soul.
 That's ALL that matters.

The world will unfortunately ALWAYS want to spread lies and milk the story for ages to come. 
The TRUTH of the matter is:

 Selena Quintanilla-Perez was as REAL as anyone else here on this earth is, she accomplished MANY goals in her life including that of having fallen in love with her art of music, fashion, her family and her husband. In reality she was allowed to feel whatever she wanted to feel whenever she wanted to feel it because she was human. Frustrations, tears, sadness, and frowns were also part of her somber days, just like any one of us. She was also happy, delighted, fearless, hard working and strived to be the best person she could be not only to those around her, 
but to the WORLD

She continues to LIVE on through her music and through her family, which whom allow US, the fans to have access to see who Selena came to be, especially as the TRUE artist she grew to become and the INSPIRATION she continues to be for millions around the world!

What ELSE is to be said than....

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Point of Making a Choice‏

Making choices can really go either can sink you or it can revive you, 
whichever way you CHOOSE to look at it. 
We make our lives what they are based on the choices we decide to make:

*ONE of them is who WE decide to become in the world, how we want to be viewed,
whether it be something positive or controversial.
*ONE that is NOT a choice is that of who we are indefinitely...
our being, our soul, our sole purpose of who we TRULY are.
Many in my LIFE have asked me personally 
whether or not if I had the opportunity would I change whom I chose to love?
It's a very strong question thats been imposed on me more than once, and in my response, I posed the
same question on them, and automatically the answer is a firm "No!". It is then that I ask, 
"So why would you think my answer would be 'Yes'?" 
The room has now become silent and the air is so thick you can cut it with a simple knife.
 I chose to live out what I feel inside, not what society wanted me to live for it to be the "right" thing. 
I came to this earth as GOD had intended me to and to live out what it's like to be a human being wanting 
to LOVE and make a difference in other people's lives, that's as simple as I can really put it. 
LOVE as we've discussed in previous blogs, comes in many forms and in many ways throughout LIFE that you can't
put into words what it really is or what it feels like until you experience it for yourself. 
Once it's been experienced in your heart, 
your body and soul, you know what it entitles not only in your heart, but that of your whole body, 
inside and out. 
Now knowing that, please answer this for me...
WHY on earth would you want someone NOT to feel this
 extraordinary and intense form of 
vulnerability inside them for another person?
  1. Because they can't help but to LOVE their same sex?
  2. Or is it because they're a different color than that of the person they LOVE?
  3. Maybe it's because they're older or younger than they're significant other?
Whatever the reason,
you can choose HOW to LOVE yet NOT choose WHO to LOVE...
The point to making a choice is to believe in your ability to LIVE for yourself and
not for others to LIVE your LOVE for you. 
If that were the case then GOD would want us to ALL be the same and 
not be different from each other.  
I AM different, although its MY CHOICE to allow you to see how different I really am, and the TRUTH IS,
I'm no different than that of yourself, 
I just CHOOSE to LIVE and let others LOVE as they should...from their hearts.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paula Deanda (feat. V the Keys)- Climax & Beyond

Now before I start on my good friends Paula Deanda and V the Keys, let me tell y'all that this WHOLE song examination started with non other than....SCENTSY
Yup, the yummy smelling wax!

A friend of mine actually wanted me to try this product out and believe me when I say that I've heard it ALL and TRIED it ALL when it comes to household products, until, my friend Karli approached me with her sales pitch. I am SOLD!!! For all you ladies and gents out there, if you have SCENTSY, place an order from my girl Karli who will be your SCENTSY  guru! If you've never heard about SCENTSY, well hear me out...the story goes as follows:

It's a Saturday night, and I come home to my studio apartment and just decide to lay on my couch and put my swollen feet up on my coffee table. I lay there for 20 min. or so and just zone out, until I wake up and decide to turn on my SCENTSY warmer and put in the "Neverland" wax that just by opening up smells like something that Peter Pan himself would wear as a cologne. As the wax is heating in it's warmer, I turn on my computer and directly go to YouTube to see the new video my good friends Paula Deanda and V the Keys had just filmed for the Usher themed cover song, "Climax".

It TRULY was like HEAVEN was in my studio apartment! I'm listening to V the Keys on the piano, Paula's sweet tendered soprano voice filling the air along with the "Neverland" scent, and all I could do was close my eyes and mediate on the song itself. As Paula's voice is telling me that she's reached the CLIMAX in her relationship and can no longer continue with anymore pain and doubt, the piano keys are like adornments of reassurance hanging on Paula's sweet high notes reaching for strength as she sings, "Where are you now? When I need you around, I'm on my knees but it seems we're...."

Such chills in the hurt of the vocal and in the forceful key playing that it just transported me to a WHOLE other world that consisted of just.....ME. In a room with the clean pine filled aroma of "Neverland" was where I pictured myself, with those who once occupied my heart came in front of me and slowly faded away, just as they once did in real life. As I kept breathing "Neverland" though, it did everything for me except suffocate my senses as other household products have, and in this case, I was very grateful for the clean scent that made me go away to this whole different world.

All this in a matter of 4 minutes and 29 seconds. I was completely out for the remainder of the 2 hour nap my body ever so craved for. When I woke up, my SCENTSY "Neverland" wax was still in full bloom and Paula (@pauladeanda) and V the Keys (@vthekeys) were filled in my heart with their amazing talent that put this Busy Little Queen in a 
relaxed, nostalgic and comfortable state of mind.

Thank you ALL 3 of you LADIES!

Karli Bucklin Rosario
SCENTSY Independent Consultant
Call/Text Message  951-541-6620

Friday, August 3, 2012

Te Extrano~I Miss You

This musical number is actually from a dear friend of mine that has SO much talent in that tiny body of hers that she doesn't even know where else to spread it!

Ms. Marabina Jaimes is an accomplished Latin (Mexican/Puerto Rican) Emmy Award winning actress/singer who makes her presence known wherever she's at! She's graced and taken the voice-over world by storm and has pretty much appeared in the vast majority of the television shows to date. She was also on the much anticipated Latin version of "The View", the internet show sensation "Let's Talk", which made a great impact on many levels.

Now the music world has gotten it's just of Salsa singers which include Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, Tito Puente, the late Celia Cruz amongst many countless more, and well, in my opinion, and with all due respect to Celia Cruz (whom I love and respect very much), Marabina Jaimes has the powerhouse vocals to be amongst these top Latin Salsa Recording Artists!

"Te Extrano" shows the longing vocals of a woman who describes the depth of an intentional lost love with whom she knew it wasn't going to work out in the end, yet she just can't help but to sing about how her heart misses him so.

Marabina really displays her affection for the love lost lyrical content that showcase her astounding and VERY controlled vibrato...meaning...she knows where to place the power in her vocal. As much as she says that she just can't live another minute without her lost love, she knows as a woman that her heart needs a better match, and if anything, a better way to live LIFE with the right LOVE.

We humans are very contradictory when it comes to LOVE and it's many blissful moments. When we tend to let someone go, we miss them to NO END, and when we have them near us, we can't wait to send them away! My goodness can we make up our minds already?????!

In this case, Marabina is missing her lost love in the most purest of loving ways, she misses his heart! Don't believe me??? 

Judge for yourself.....

Right????! You go Marabina!!!

Te Extrano also available on iTunes