Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Updates...and MORE!

Update #1
Whoa! I have to say, it's been about 3 years or so since I've had the stomach flu, and thankfully, I'm recovering from having it in the past few days...even broke past my fever...the shivers are no joke! Stay healthy everyone!

Update #2
The Holiday's are just weeks away and the long(er) hours are upon me! Those of you who know me know that I'm all about working VERY early and REALLY late...therefore where do I find the time to write anything??? Well, its dedication to my craft above anything, and also I have TONS on my you'll be hearing quite a bit from me either way.

Update #3
Speaking of my writing, I hadn't written anything here in my blog since my review on "Menopausea: El Musical" because it actually just had its last show this past Sunday after a 4 week run at the Ricardo Moltalban Theatre in Hollywood, Ca. My review came in to become very helpful to those wanting to go see the show, and I'm glad that my review served its purpose, for closing night was a SUCCESS!! BRAVO to the very FIRST SPANISH CAST and PRODUCTION of 
"Menopausea: El Musical"

Update #4
The greater part of the last 6 months I've been hard at work at writing my very first SCREENPLAY/SCRIPT aptly titled "Project DTL". It has an original title, though I won't be releasing it until we've begun production on it (which is a CROSS YOUR FINGERS goal). "Project DTL" actually contains TRUE EVENTS and COMPLETE TRUE Conversational Dialogue which I've actually had with my own loved ones. It's a story about surrendering to oneself and coming to terms with LIFE, FAMILY and FAITH...3 common areas I believe ALL of us can relate to. I've got it registered with the Writer's Guild of America and now I'm able to shop it around to see who is interested in taking on the project...wish me luck! If you happen to know of anyone who's interested in taking on a current FILM project, send them my way if at all possible, I would greatly appreciate it!

Update #5
For my 30th Birthday Party this past September I had asked my guests to bring a Teddy Bear instead of a gift for me so that I may donate them to a Charity of choice for the Christmas Season. My assistant and I are very close to finding the right Charity to donate these beautiful stuffed animals to, and let me tell you it's very hard to see them in my apartment for parting ways will be a very difficult thing to do! Also during these next 2 months I'm collecting items for putting together the Holiday Seasonal Blessing Bags for those who are less fortunate. If interested, you can go to the following page on my website to see what is needed for the completion of these bags...
ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

Last but not least, my own Non-Profit Organization is STILL in the works, I'm yet working on the paperwork slowly and making sure ALL is filled out's been 2.5 years in the works, and here's hoping that it can FINALLY stand on its OWN two feet in 2014

THANK YOU ALL for your LOVE and SUPPORT on ALL of these upcoming and current project taking place, for I definitely know it all takes time and patience to make it work in the world! 

Love and Peace to ALL of YOU! <3