Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pretty Faced Fool

Coming to terms with a "Pretty Faced Fool" is the best solution one can have.

Every opportunity that we get to go through either happens to destroy us or makes us stronger. 
Of course all in due time and with every word said, every feeling felt and every tear drop, something makes us come to terms with it all:

We are the "Pretty Faced Fool".

Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, 

"Am I my only option to get better?"

The answer is solely up to you, although I will say, NO option is better than yourself.

Some may say, "I was taken for a ride and a part of me died in the process", while others say, "I don't know how to regain myself, I don't know who I am"

Losing oneself requires ONE thing, a selfless yet selfish act to put others on top of it all. Even when looking in the mirror, you put yourself aside and see everyone but you. 

Until the time comes when the bubble bursts and you're left with no one in the mirror but your own reflection. 

Should you not recognize yourself, should you feel like a part of you died, and/or should you feel like you're numb to it all, my message to you is this:

Nothing looks better and no one looks better in that reflection more than the person looking right back at you. Sounds corny right? Well it's true simply because you're filled with experiences, you can now learn to appreciate every aspect of pain, and you can tolerate ANY part of your loss and create what we like to call STRENGTH

Give it a try, you might feel like a fool, but at least,
you're a 'Pretty Faced Fool'.

'Pretty Faced Fool',  by Jewel talks of a person coming to terms with what they're romantic relationship has come to be and how they'll gather the strength to move on past this troubled patch.