Thursday, April 25, 2013

^^Practical Magic^^

First off, BRAVO to the 1998 Film! I wouldn't of chosen anyone else to play the 2 sister witches Sally and Gillian than Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock! Still to this day, I continue to watch my DVD along with my Practical Magic music soundtrack with all the eclectic artists ranging from Faith Hill, Joni Mitchell to Stevie Nicks.

There's a whole new wave of today's teens who are starting to discover the film along with it's musical soundtrack and novel as well. This is one of my recommendations whenever I have a teen in my salon chair and 9 times out of 10, they watch the film and discover exactly what I loved about it in the first place, it's message of LOVE

So many of us block ourselves from wanting to fall in love due to having our own curse of never finding the ONE were meant for. Yet if we are to find the ONE, we'll be waiting until the other shoe falls off to really see the failure and recognize that there NEVER really was a true love meant for us. 

We see this happen to Sally, the oldest one of the sister witches who is determined to never fall in love in order not to experience the pain and suffering of a broken heart. As a little girl she casts a spell making up this person who isn't to faithfully exist no matter how humanly possible this being is actually able to be alive in true human form. The one thing Sally didn't count on was how much power she gave her spell (by power I mean STRENGTH). She focused on never wanting to feel the good side of LOVE that instead of straying it away, she actually called it that much closer to her, and in reality, she had to feel the reality of sorrow in order to understand TRUE LOVE

Sally also doesn't accept who she really is and whom she's meant to become within the family heritage. Her life was consumed by sorrow all because of a fateful curse that plagued the women of the family lineage. The curse being that if a man fell in love with an Owen's woman and she reciprocated the emotion, he was to die. Sally was put under a spell to find happiness by her two Witch Aunts whom only wanted to see her smile, yet never intended for Sally to love the man that had crossed her path...well, it didn't come out to be that way unfortunately. This is what strayed Sally from ever wanting to find LOVE in the first place, and before she knew it, months later, the spell she cast as a little girl came around full circle and in a form of a man she dreamt of to have been impossible. As much as he was for her, she resists until she fulfills and understands her inner self. To have him, she had to put in the work to LOVE and ACCEPT herself first before ever loving anyone else. It wasn't until then that she was able to break the curse.

Same goes for us in 2013, as we may question where our happiness lies and how come we haven't yet been fulfilled....well, it all relies in us on the inside. We must put in the work to make sure we have what is needed for the future, first and foremost, it's loving ourselves for WHO and WHAT we are. Without FAITH in ourselves, nothing will be of great force. A curse can only be as strong as your OWN will....face what is needed to make you WHOLE and FREE

In the end, 
It's all Practical Magic.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The INPUT never settles for ANYTHING less

Opinions happen to be discussed every moment we have a GOLDEN opportunity to open our minds and therefore...our mouths as well!

Anything from relationships, to friendships, to the way we live our lives and even down to what we put in our stomachs is constantly being the HOT TOPIC of conversation these days. Though if you really think about it most of the time we're only giving our own testimonials about what we think would be the best way out as well as the best solution. 

In reality only time will tell.

It also happens when we're wanting someone's input (a.k.a. an answer to solve our issues), usually no one's there to give it to us. Then of course when we're NOT looking for ANY input, the WORLD happens to make a production and explores every possible route for us to take while we're at ease once and for all. Of course, we couldn't ask for anything more and anything less. 

Regardless of the valued opinions that you get from those who truly love you or those who are just simply looking out for you, UNDERSTAND that it's ALWAYS in your best interest to SIT and LISTEN. The more you rebel against what's being shared, the more confusing it'll be to continue down a clear path knowing what doors should remain open and what doors should be closed. 

For those who have OPEN minds, OPINIONS are a based factor of LIFE...while those who are CLOSED minded will always take offense to what's being offered to them. Take great OFFENSE against those who won't tell you the TRUTH...those people are looking at you to fail in any way possible. They're INPUT simply states the lowest of hopes for you. 

Valued INPUT won't settle for anything less, and yet will have your best interest at heart. 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frustrated Fears Make Me Better

Frustrated Fears are the epicenter of it all...
When we know we're capable of doing the best we can,
We shy away for FEAR of going higher. 

Frustrated Fears make us deal with the emotions we long ago...
Swept under the rug, and are now coming to LIFE
And are ready to make their presence known.

Frustrated Fears are capable of becoming our worst nightmare,
Or our BEST comfort,
No matter the outcome, there's still a shiver in there somewhere.

We ask for help whenever we're in trouble and need a fast way out, yet we forget the foundation of what exactly is feeding that moment of desperation...FEAR.

Don't look at FEAR in the way it's normally seen by the rest of the world. Look at FEAR the best possible way you can, with INTELLIGENCE, UNDERSTANDING, and ABUNDANCE.

Let things come to fruition when it comes to your frustrations. It's OK to want to question your ability, though UNDERSTAND  that it's STRENGTH what's going to make you or break you. Rise up to the occasion and share with the world what it is that makes you UNDERSTAND, what it is that makes you WEEP, what it is that CONNECTS you, and what it is that makes you COME OUT as a standout individual.

Frustrating Fears are only words of intimidation...they have NO ability unless you give them the strength and mobility they DON'T deserve. 

It's not an easy task to turn it around, though I can promise you that by decreasing the value of fright will only make you better and help you strive and stand out for the right things.