Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Are you REALLY that BUSY?"

In 2008 I along with my older sister Mari established
and have taken care of every aspect and action of this name and what it stands for:


Thus far, we've been happy with how receptive the world has greeted not only the name, yet how every time we hear "Busy Little Queen" there's always a smile that follows. My sister Mari is also my business manager, therefore, we have meetings over what goes on with any association with
upcoming projects, image, what's being portrayed behind the chair, etc. She makes sure all is flowing in the right direction and makes sure MY head is on straight with everything that's going on, for I'm the one that's executing every aspect that involves work.

To my salon clienteles, there's only one side that they always see, and usually it's a 2-2 1/2 hr. view. To the studios, it's only what job I have in front of me for the camera the one side they see. As I carry the name "Busy Little Queen", I constantly get asked the question, "Are you REALLY that BUSY?" The answer is...YES.

Thankfully, ALL that I do and ALL that I have I give Glory and Praise to GOD, without HIM, nothing is possible.

I take care of 2 clientele's in 2 different and distinctive locations, I work in the Entertainment Industry as a freelance hairstylist for recording artists and models, I'm a signed make-up artist and hairstylist to a major network, I network my own website and social sites making sure all is up to date, answer emails, send emails for new job opportunities, set up my own photo shoots, and most of the time work anywhere from 6-7 days a week sometimes with no days off for 3-4 weeks at a time, and I have family that I hardly get to see, but when I do, I cherish every moment I have. ALL this, and I still have my sanity!

There are times my patience will get tested, this past week was one of those weeks, yet I make sure I keep my composure because of the professional image I have, although, I am human and make sure I have other outlets I allow myself to explore. My phone is always on for anyone to reach me with anything they need, and yet, as some take advantage of this opportunity, I make sure it's a 50/50 road, nothing more and nothing less. I hear all the good with the bad and there are times my heart is so scrunched that it's hard to focus, although that's where my sister chimes in with  the best that she can give me both personally and professionally.

Due to what I have going on, I've lost friends and family and I've also cut some out of my life. I have a firm belief that when you have an opportunity to grow as an individual, you have to take that opportunity and run with it and make the most out of what you're given. People will always come and go, the ones that stick around will know how to accept you for who you are. Thus far, it's worked like a charm. If anything, If and when the time comes part ways, I make sure it's done on good terms and move on to the next chapter in life.

BUSY LITTLE QUEEN & COMPANY is more than just a title, it's a way of living. I carry this name with so much pride and stand by what it is. I want to make sure that the message goes across the board and helps those that need all the love they can get not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. That takes a lot of time, love and dedication, even if it means I have to sacrifice my own the sister knows and fully supports me when I say...IT'S WORTH IT!

A special THANK YOU to ALL who have supported and continue to support
BUSY LITTLE QUEEN & COMPANY! Stay tuned for more to come and much more to live....

Monday, March 21, 2011

When Missing Loved Ones, Happy Thoughts Help!

I can't tell you how many times a DAY I miss my loved ones when I'm at work. Especially when I used to travel, I used to get homesick like crazy, yet, I made sure I completed the task at hand and everyday that went by was a day closer to coming home. These days, as happily employed as I am, I do tend to miss those closest to me, and then some.

10 years have passed since the last time I really loved someone with all my heart...he is now happily married and is living his life as he chose to, and I can't say that I am raging inside with anger because I'm not, if anything, I'm so happy for him and his journey with his new wife. I kept thinking of back in the day when there was that spark we once had, how much I would miss him on weekends and the times he wasn't around, and how that would just make me crazy! Then when I would see him, it was the best treat to my heart, I felt warm and fuzzy, the best feeling that one NEVER forgets! Then came the time when I had to let him go, for he had already served his purpose in my life, and as I've mentioned him before, that event of letting him go caused me so much pain, yet made me a strong individual that I was able to fill the missing void with GOD's love.

I'm not going to lie, I still miss him as the friend he once was, but when I think of him, I feel such warmth because he's living HIS life, and that allows for me to think nothing but happy thoughts. It does help when you can put a smile over a scar, I'll tell you that much.

It's also because of how I think of him NOW that whenever I seem to be going through my lonely times, I'm able to put into perspective the positive side of how LIFE itself goes on and keeps on going, then I take a deep breath and think to myself, " I'll be back home in no time and see everyone very soon!". If it wasn't for how I was able to put on a positive attitude and put my best foot forth, I'd still get sulky and sad inside, thankfully, I've learned and applied the lessons I've lived through along the way and just allow happy thoughts to help me get through some of the toughest lonely times.

As one of my mentors one day put it in simple terms for me, he said,

"Whenever you feel sad and lonely, know that it is then that you'll feel GOD's strength and love in you the strongest!"....

 I couldn't have said it any better myself : )

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Acceptance is ALL it takes!

The word "Acceptance" really has its way here in the real world! I'm amazed to see how it plays a role not only in my life, but to see it in action in the lives of my loved ones and clients around me.

9 times out of 10, we don't seem to greet "Acceptance" into our lives for FEAR of the aftermath:

*Will it change my life? For the good or for the bad?
*Will I ever relapse back into my old mind frame?
*Will I alienate  and lose "friends"?
*What will everyone else think of me?

FEAR can hold us back so much to the point that it can get so deep, that every time we are meant to take a leap, were doing nothing to advance and make ourselves better for our future. I can fully understand that when we may seem to feel the urge to be challenged and suddenly want to follow that feeling inside, there's always the thought of, "What If?"....therefore if we get stuck on the "What If?", it becomes our security blanket, but for ALL the wrong reasons!

Really think to yourself on this one, why would you want to stay the same for a year, two years, three years, four years, etc.? There comes a point in time when REGRET will start to set in and then you you start to think to yourself, "I wish I had that new car" or "I wish I had a better job" or "I wish I had a better job"...unfortunately,  before you know it, it can be too late.

So, I pose this question (which is actually the same question I ask myself every time I feel the need to be challenged):

When was the last time you challenged yourself and ACCEPTED the outcome?

Life keeps going and going and before we know it, it's been 5 years and then some....why not feel empowered, happy and fulfilled? It's easier said than done, yes...yet, by ACCEPTING a challenge and taking a leap forward, it allows the first step of a new beginning, a new you! People come and go, were meant to learn from them and move forward, the very few we need will stay and ACCEPT you for who you are no matter what! How great is that?! Learn to take the good in with the bad, it only makes us humans stronger, that means that the best is yet to come!

Somewhere floating in the Universe, it's been said:

'Once you've learned to ACCEPT, you've started the journey we call LIFE'

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All About Aubrey---->WOW!

So for a while now I had been seeing ads and commercials for Aubrey O'Day's new show on Oxygen simply titled, "All About Aubrey", and I have to be honest, I wasn't happy to see them because of her past history with Danity Kane, and I was like, "Again? Another show?".....until today!

As I watched the show, I began to crumble bit by bit,  and after the 1st segment, I was hooked! She really got a bad vibe from "Making the Band" and was used as the ONE who was to blame for the group's demise. This first episode dealt with her explanation about what happened, her ambition of recording and dancing again, the whole "finding the right guy", and her weight gain.

I have to say, in the Danity Kane days, she was awesome vocally and a great dancer, but as she explained it this time around, it all looked awesome and amazing, but she was so unhappy. A lot of people around her brought her weight gain to her attention, and first hand, I know how that feels, she felt like crap! Emotional eaters do that all the time, we slim down, we go back up, everything looks good when were sad and so we want to eat it, yet, when were "happy", were being controlled and not able to enjoy who we are. This was a good look at what entertainers go thru, they're human just like everybody else. But if you want it, you gotta abide by the rules, unfortunately, that's the way it is.

I believe she looks better with her current curves, although t.v. will add more pounds on, but if you feel good about yourself, you can't beat that. Her hair is looking amazing! Cesar her stylist is keeping it soft and bouncy (kudos to him). When she had to wash off her make-up and take her shirt off to satisfy her choreographer to show him her real self was a "WOW" point of the show where she just lost it. She shed real tears where you can actually feel for this girl and how her past image is haunting her current one. After that meltdown, she killed her dancing! I was glad though that her choreographer got real with her, and he wasn't joking either. She's definitely buckling down on the whole package though, her dancing, her vocal skills, and her image in the industry. Reality shows have a way of "Making You" or "Breaking You", and hopefully, with this being her second chance, it will "Make Her".

I fell into the trap of not liking her because of what image she was portraying, yet, there's always TWO sides to every story, and I'm gonna keep watching to see what unravels, and...she's worked hard for her name, so in my opinion, she deserves golden opportunities. I know that if I was in her position, I'd want a second chance to prove myself.

"All About Aubrey" is on Monday's at 10 pm/9 pm Central on Oxygen...check it out!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pressure=Good Results (if applied correctly)

Who here feels like they're always under pressure? I know I do.

It can go both ways:

<----In a good sense of the word, being and/or working under pressure allows the creative juices to flow and most of the times, the best of you come out like pourin' water!

---->In a "not so good" sense of the word, being under pressure can make you want to bang your head on the wall, therefore causing a meltdown and make you think you're going crazy!

As of right now, I hold down 3 jobs and still manage to somehow do my own projects on the side. Everyday is a new revealing day and I don't know what will come up or who will be texting me or emailing me next, etc. If anything, I've always known how to function under pressure, yet there are still times where my tone can get very firm and I'm the brink of giving people "The Look" (I am my mother's son, she taught me that look very well). I make sure though, that I understand that I am the one responsible for the pressure in my life, and make sure I don't take it out of context.

I meet new people all the time, I have to satisfy my clientele on the dot each time I see them, make sure hair and make-up look good on camera when I'm in the studios, make sure I'm smiling bright for the world to see the TRUE me. If you ask any of my siblings, especially my sister Mari, she knows when something's not right. She's taught me that it's not always necessary to smile each moment of the day...that I'm allowed to "feel" and let things out when they need to come out. It's refreshing to have someone know what you feel like, to know that they can pat you on the back and say, "It's Ok to be human". Needless to say, it's a BLESSING!!!

Many of you always ask me, "Why are you doing so much?" Well, here's my answer:

You live once, and this life is very short. I want to make sure that before my body gives out on me that I can visit as many places as possible, that I can stretch my mind to what the world has to offer, and also, to capture people's lives in a positive way. If anything, my main goal is to be successful in the hearts of all! Money is a good thing to survive, yes, but not to live by. I was given a gift, a story to unravel and to share with those who are famous and those who live paycheck to paycheck. I want people to know that what you see is "real", what I'm living is "real", and what and who makes life is "real". Changes are always apparent, but change is good! The pressure I seem to feel often at times is that I aim to please people constantly and make sure that what I do and create is flawless....yet, I'm starting to see and realize the reality of it all and what makes us "real" is "imperfection", and that's Ok! Life wouldn't be as precious if we didn't see and experience our mistakes, it's what makes us who we are as people. So don't kid yourself now, embrace yourself and buckle up!
So, does "Pressure=Good Results"
Yes, only (if applied correctly)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love Yourself...don't be a HATER

In any job that one has throughout life there always seems to be a pattern:

-New person comes and setteles in
-Meet and Greet with everyone
-Show what they can achieve
-Haters get riled up
-Haters make up lies to make themselves feel better
-New person is expected to take it and not pay any attention

I have to say in my experience, every single job I've partaken in has always had "Haters", the funny and unfortunate thing is that they are usually in the 40's (sad but true). Then the "He Said, She Said" thing comes up and the drama unfolds. So my question is to ALL the haters:

Does this really make you feel that much better in life? You are so bored that your mind needs to spread lies to others to make you smile? (If you've answered YES, WOW!!!!)

I will NEVER understand the mind of a person who needs to make others feel like they should be beneath their own integrity. So what if there are people out there who make the world a better place..So what if your world is crumbling and their world is in good is about finding yourself withing your own struggle, about learning and surviving and making sure we ALL climb out that ladder together. Clearly though, we NEED haters to learn what our own capabilities are.

I've also seen that the longer the "He Said, She Said" game is being played, the more joy the haters get from it. As I myself have been a survivor from being trashed by haters in all aspects of life, here is my direct message to all of you PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE haters:

It is a real shame that you have to look down upon yourself to make others fear you. Fear is not something I will ever have of you simply for the fact that you are wasting nothing but precious time out of your own life just to get to me. They say, and I've seen it first hand, that whatever energy you out out there in the world is exactly what you will get back in return, and then some. I simply pray for your rock solid hearts and hope that one day you can change your ways for the sake of those who actually take the time to love you. Keep spreading lies as if they were stones and you'll get them right back, they may bruise me, but in the end, they will break you. I hope you learn to LOVE and RESPECT yourself in the end...much LOVE on your journey and hope you find the self worth you seem to have lost somewhere along the way.

This Busy Little Queen Says....

Love Yourself!