Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just by saying 'I Love You'

Nothing is real until you go through what you need to go through.

Everything has it's limit, it's own LIFE span and above it all, it has it's own desired meaning. 

Many things are said and done, and as much as we wish to deliberate and want to add to our actions, the time has simply lapsed and the only way it can get corrected, is by OWNING up to what was said and done. 

-->They're simple yet the most desired words you can ever say to a person,
Actions can motivate you to express it,
A peck on the cheek can say it for you,
Though it can be simple enough
Just by saying 'I Love You'.

The affection of a hug, The affection of strength,
 The affection of the human touch,
Brings light to the flame,
The ONE thing that keeps the heart going,
Just by saying 'I Love You'.

The smirk that brings everything out of the shadow,
The smile that leaves the sadness behind,
The laughter that shelters from the rain,
The harsh conditions of LIFE will go away,
Just by saying 'I Love You'.

A promise can be written within the word,
 A broken piece of your heart can be forgotten,
The luxury of turning away cannot live alone,
As erasing all the good can be done by leaving,
I once wished you could've changed your mind,
Just by saying 'I Love You'.

I explored the world with your silence,
I kept the broken promise in hopes of finding you,
I wrote endless amount of LIFE in my empty space.

It all came full circle to become what I was in search of,
You live LIFE your way as I LIVE mine,
All along to discover that it was I who could feel again,
It came to me once again,
It was I who did it,
It is I who learned to LOVE,
Just by saying 'I Love You'.<--

--> Erik Velasco 2014 
(Inspired by the song "More Than Words" by Extreme)