Tuesday, February 7, 2017

When broken 'Pieces' stay broken

When something materialistic breaks, very rarely can you put it back together, 
even if you try your hardest.

Once something breaks on the inside, for some reason that's the hardest to deal with, 
especially putting yourself first and starting the mending process.

What I've learned to accept is this:

Some relationships, opportunities and ties are meant to break to teach you that you can still live and learn to get stronger even though remnants of those broken pieces will exist.
In reality they were meant to break,
 and that's O.K.

Accepting the reality is half the battle, understanding what life will be like with that broken piece is what can and will take time to make LIFE have its full meaning.
Agreeing with the unknown can be jolting because there's no secure way of making sure that you'll be in good hands and in good spirits.

Ultimately it's up to you to go through a good and/or bad day, and I can testify and say that if you decide that your heart is set to have a couple bad days, its normal and its OK, just allow breathing room and space for there will be much to sort out.

If it wasn't for those broken pieces inside me (there are very few), I don't know what mindset I would've been in especially with how today's world works. I've seen them as tears that have become sharp pieces of glass never to be handled ever again. I can appreciate them from afar, almost like looking back at old pictures, and just like old pictures, they fade with time.