Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Letter To You (Pt.3)

Dear You,

Hope all is great and you had a fulfilling day : )

What a roller coaster it's been this past month! A lot of new opportunities and a lot to get accustomed to. You probably noticed some tension and nerves the last time you saw me, I was like a timer ready to go off, but because you were there, I made sure I kept my composure as best as I could. Your presence alone really makes it easy for me to forget about the world, how easy it would be to just get away at times, at this point, I can only pray for the future and hope that wish and dream comes true.

Lately you've been battling as well. I'm hoping not as much as I have, although internal battles are usually hard on the heart and are hard to explain, though, I know what you're going through, I went through it 10 years ago. These days you have a pretty strong person close to you who wants your every look, breath, desire and heart palpitations. How is it that I know your heart isn't all there? It's in the way you look when you're talking about them.

A long time ago in one of my styling classes I was told that you could tell when someone really "likes" your work and when someone really "loves" your work, all with the arches of the eyebrows, when they're pointy and raised, needless to say, your arches aren't there. Your heart will never stop feeling for this strong person, there's history that can't be replaced there...but one thing's for sure, I have a fear that you'll miss what I have to offer you. I'm always being told to never let out "fear" for it feeds on insecurities, yet truth be told, I'm not insecure about your feelings and thoughts, if anything, I trust that you'll gain recognition once you're able to breathe and not have so much pressure on you.

I was recently reminded that when I first came to realize how I felt about you, I said that I would wait as long as it needed to take for you to be ready to come to your terms of your heart...I do, like every human being, at times grow impatient and want you to know and realize that NOW is the time, NOW is when we need to take advantage, but all in due time..the puzzle pieces have to fit accordingly.

In the meantime, hearing and being able to see each other from time to time will only make us stronger in the process. Keep positive my dear friend and if whenever you need a clear view on anything or a breath of fresh air, I'm only a visit and/or a call away...have a great rest of your week!

Much Love & Respect,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"The Way It Is" Explanation

I hope all of you got to read the lyrics to the song I wrote last night (early this morning)..if you haven't yet, you can read them before or after this : )

In case you haven't already noticed my mind tends to wander A LOT! Although that's how I come up with my madness and I'm able to create what you usually see in from of you. In this case, the words to "The Way It Is" started to jump out at me from the morning and just kept on coming all throughout the day.

I wrote "The Way It Is" based on the fact that there are people out there, myself included, that have been living LIFE a certain way to block themselves from any pain that they might of experienced early on and/or at one point. Making others happy and helping them achieve their hopes and dreams. Yet, now, they're seeing a different side, a different perspective of what CAN be, what LIFE can be if they decide to let their guard down and poses the question in mind, "Is this actually for me? Is this for real?"....So now, they're wanting to leave the former them ("The Way It Is") behind and start fresh.

All of us at one point or another want to start fresh, yet as we never realize, starting out fresh comes with sacrifice. We've been "The Way It Is" for so long that by even going in a slightly different direction, an alert system lets us know what needs to stay and what needs to go. It can be anything from material surroundings to people in our circle who weigh us down to changing our daily routine. It sounds cutthroat, unfortunately, LIFE doesn't really care about sparing feelings, it only cares about moving on, and it's asking you, "You comin' or stayin'?"

Then there are times when LIFE itself, all by itself, changes everything around when you least expect it and you're left thinking, "OH MY Goodness!" (to put it lightly). Of course, it's asking you the inevitable question, "You comin' or stayin'?"

Don't be afraid to start out fresh again, it's a must every now and then. The good thing about starting out fresh is that LIFE allows you to keep some familiarities, that always keeps comfort well in your heart. If there's possibility and room for you to grow in YOUR LIFE, why not give it a shot and say bye bye to "The Way It Is"?! Empower and bring yourself to say, "I can do this! It's my LIFE and I can change anything I desire!" 

LIVE my friends for YOU and no one else!

"The Way It Is"

You know how I started writing again and I debuted a song a couple months back, well, here's another one that popped into my head throughout the day and just now, at 1:30 am, it was able to finally come together and explain itself : ) Tomorrow I will give the definition of, "The Way It Is"..for now...enjoy what is being said...Love to everyone! <3

"The Way It Is"
It's always been "The Way It Is",
Fixing someone else to love another,
The funny part is,
I don't know any different so why bother,
It's funny "The Way It Is".

There's a pattern to my madness,
There's no end to my kindness.

"The Way It Is" is the way it always has to be,
My heart comes second to what it desires,
Only this time I get to see,
What true love looks like, no liars,
"The Way It Is" is what can be,
"The Way It Is" is what I'll leave,
Behind me.

I've seen them come and go,
I've been "The Way It Is",
What makes this a new story,
Is that it's been nice and slow,
I pray to GOD this is due to HIS glory!

"The Way It Is" has brought all of the rain,
Thunder to make me shake,
I've seen the sun shine ahead of the pain,
I've felt the clouds give and take,
Let "The Way It Is" be what was,
Are my dreams enough to make enough?
Will "The Way It Is" let me love?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Entre Tu Y Mil Mares"

"Entre Tu Y Mil Mares" which translates to "Between You and a thousand Oceans" is a song that was sung and performed by International singer-songwriter Laura Pausini. Most of us in the latin world know her very well for her Spanish albums, while others around the world know her for her Italian, Portuguese and English albums heard around the world!

This song in particular was released in the year 2000 and captivated everyone's hearts and ears when she would appear on the radio and television shows. Being that I myself am a HUGE sap for love songs, this is one of the many that surprised everyone!

"Entre Tu Y Mil Mares" describes the feeling of an ULTIMATUM that not only has become apparent inside one's heart, but now ever so prevalent on the outside and now has become a "Now or Never" kind of battle with the ONE and ONLY being that captured your heart.

I first heard this song in Mexico on a trip in December 2000 visiting my Mom's side of the family and we were actually on vacation in this beachfront resort where at night, as the waves were crashing towards the sand harshly, all I could think about was the one person who had my heart, who was thousands of miles away back home, and thinking, "When will the time come when I won't feel divided like I do right now between this ocean and us?' Very deep for a 17 year old, but as you can tell, I was in too deep with my feelings, most of all my heart. We spent about 4 days there at that resort and every night, I would spend 3-4 hours by myself thinking about him and how isolated I felt and how LIFE at the time would serve our future, if there ever was a future to think about.

Thankfully, as fate would have it, 6 months later, I had my answer that I was searching and looking so hard for in that endless oceanfront. This song served as my inspiration to UNDERSTAND what it was I was searching for, what it was I really wanted. The first sign I had of my answer, was the present I brought him from Mexico, a red shark key chain, which was the ONLY present from the many I had brought over, that had split in two...I knew right away what my answer was, and like I said, 6 months later, it was as clear as the moon shining through the night. This song made so much sense now, especially with the passion Laura sang it with.

10 years and 4 months later, I'm standing tall, STILL loving this song as much as I did 11 years ago, and I send a special message to ALL of you ULTIMATUM seekers:

Busco en la noche en cada estrella tu reflejo 
(I look for your reflection in each star at night)
 Más todo ésto no me basta ahora, crezco 
(But it doesn't seem to suffice me now, I'm growing)

Don't EVER stop growing for LOVE, seek and you shall find my friends  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A REVIEW can make ALL the difference!

Have any of you ever heard of or If you haven't, these are just 2 of the many sites on the internet where you can leave a review for any business that is signed up with them. Oh and let me tell you that in my spare time (usually between 11pm-2 am) I like to look up "Reviews"to some of my favorite establishments and see what other people have to say.

I personally review RESTAURANTS on my page..since I love to eat, I figure it would help others when it comes to wanting to try new places. I by no means am a drama queen when it comes to service in restaurants...just like us in the hair biz, there's good ones and "NOT" so good ones. I take it with a grain of salt and still tip properly and accordingly. WHY you might ask, because I was still serviced in an establishment. Now my reviews will consist mostly of the food and the ambiance, the service will be the last and I have to say, even if I received crappy service but the food was great, I'm still going back, just embracing myself for the next upcoming visit.

I'm surprised at times when it comes to clients reviewing their experiences in the salons I've worked at. Some of y'all are vicious! You're out to get someone, that's for sure! Others are quaint and point out the good and bad factors, while the rest are happy and can't wait to come back. It always seems though that the more drama a client experiences in the salon the better the review, while the less they experience the worse the review, it's quite intriguing.

In my 10 years of doing hair, I've had some great reviews, and not so great reviews posted on the sites. As I always tell everyone, I'm human..therefore, doing hair comes with both good and bad days. It just makes me stronger every time there's a negative outlook on one of my creations, it gives me more ammo to simply create more twisted masterpieces : ) In any case though, I've had new clientele come in due to the reviews posted on the sites. The best type of review one can ever get, of course as we all know in business, is word of mouth. I aim to please those who rave about my work and how I make them feel, so would it be fair to say that I have no pressure when doing the new clients they recommend??? Um, there's always pressure!!! At the end of the day, I make sure that everyone is pleased to the best of my ability. As for those who don't really care for my work, well, there's always the salon next door, you're bound to find someone that fits your personality and flavor, no harm done.

Needless to say, next time you receive either the best or the worst service at any establishment, leave a comment or post on and/or other sites...a REVIEW can make all the difference! reviews can be left for Erik a.k.a Busy Little Queen at the following salon establishments:

-->Fletcher-Smith the Spa (Murrieta, CA)
-->Palazzo Salon (Glendale, CA)

Friday, September 2, 2011

"In Who’s Shoes?" A BLQ & Generalissima tale

Everyone, if you would allow me to present to you a great friend and fellow East Coast Blogger,

La Generalissima

An elite writer with such style and  wisdom, she is one of my "Blog" mentors and I am so happy to share with you a view and funny tale of how "walking in someone else's shoes" made a great impact and gave us such laughs! Without further ado, Generalissima..WELCOME!

La Generalissima: 
I’m so honored for the invitation to a co-blog adventure with Busy Little Queen. Erik can find depth in a thimble full of water, so I’ll do my best to keep up! That said, we’re here for some fun too--and so I dish:

Busy Little Queen:
Ooooo girl let's do this!

 LG: It was 2008; The Pussycat Dolls were a big deal and the late Amy Winehouse was in the early stages of her sad descent from her brilliant rise to stardom. Mondays at work had gotten more fun because Erik would come meet his sister (and my beloved partner in crime) for lunch at our job. Of course I’d tag along and we’d have a good old time at the commissary. We’d moan about Monday, recall the evaporated weekend and Erik would organize his week and give us all some advice to cheer us up with this one line: “You should wear stilettos. All women should. It’ll make you look good!” 

BLQ: Hahahaaha! I still remember that, my sister was looking at me like I was craaazy! Oh that special lunch of ours!

LG: We loved us our Erik, but that was one bit of wisdom we wanted no part of. His sister already had her love/hate/love issues with shoes that never fit right and I’m tall enough to get vertigo from any heel past 3 inches. As for the masochism of it all; well, hell no! 
BLQ: Hey..the taller the better no?? With lengthy legs, show them off, at the same time, strutting your stuff is what it' all about, "left and right, swish and swish"! hahahaha! me out Generalissima...

LG: Until...Fall came and so did their favorite holiday: Halloween. Plans for their annual costume party flew out at the lunch table: Mari (BLQ's Sister) beamed that Monday because she and Erik had scored their costumes. She found her ratty Amy Winehouse beehive and Erik found his Pussycat Doll outfit—complete with high heels. Erik, as always, wasn’t just talking the talk; he was walking it too!

BLQ: Girl~ I trained myself for a month and a half in my $75 Hollywood Blvd. purchased heels! They are still so beautiful! My calves were hot as ever! I really wanted to make the transformation from boy to girl, for just once in my life, so that I could say, "I felt, looked, AND walked like a Pussycat Doll...Nicole Scherzinger who?" I never fell, and, I was hit on by both MEN and WOMEN!!! Score!

LG: Jajajajaja! BLQ you're too much! 

BLQ: It's true Generalissima...I felt so pretty and special! Oh, but the the shaving of my body was not a great endeavor! Thank goodness I'm a boy!

~Both laughing hysterically~

LG: Well, the Monday after the big Halloween shindig came and Mari told us all about their day. Her hubby, not to be outdone, had dressed as gothy illusionist Criss Angel. Yep, it was 2008. And Erik? He had walked an agonizing trek from the parked car to the house in those sexy heels. At the lunch table, Erik was his usual sweet and honest self, but he didn’t mention anything about us wearing stilettos. The next time Mari came to work in a new pair of cute, sensible shoes, I asked if Erik complained about her choice. “No, he helped pick them out!” 

BLQ: I did!! I'm not a fan of the "Granny shoes" that she's addicted to at times purchase, and let me tell y'all, my sister has great taste for shoes...and I can understand being comfy, and this time, I had to give in to comfy, but like you put it Generalissima, they were cute and sensible : )

LG: And there lies the truth in the cliché; you really don’t know what’s up on the other side of a situation until you put yourself in their shoes. Erik may have another side to this story; so like him, I won’t talk the talk. I’ll let him say his piece. I just won’t do it in stilettos..jajajajaja!

BLQ: Chica you said it all!!! It was a fun time but yet I found such pressure trying to always look and sit like a lady...and I remember my sister saying, "Keep up Erik, STRUT those heels! (as I'm crossing Sunset Blvd.)" and  when I take a drink of my soda, she said, "Don't drink so many liquids, cause then I wont be able to undo your outfit in the bathroom!" hahahahaha! So true but my goodness the pressure! These stilettos will ALWAYS be in my closet, or should I say my sister's closet for now, but will forever be my living testament to "In who's Shoes"!!!

Thank you Generalissima for your time, love, and talents that you have brought to 
"Busy Little Queen Says"..can't wait for next month's! Love you!

LG: Love you my Busy Little Queen!! These memories are great to relive...thank you for having me : ) Hasta la proxima West Coast!

Getting Better makes LIFE what it is...LIFE

 Getting Better makes LIFE what it is...LIFE

This past week I was taken by surprise on ALL aspect of much that I'm still recovering and in the midst of getting myself back together.

In a nutshell, I was stripped of my own integrity and was defenseless in many ways. Such ways where one would think, "I'm a strong person! Nothing will catch me by surprise!", yet, so much did. My world was turned upside down that I had NO time to react, just enough time to move on without a single thought to dwell on. So many around me admire how fast how I was able to turn things around with 24 hrs., but I have to admit, my heart is still sad. The word TRUST is a difficult one to swallow at this point in time, luckily, I'll rebuild time.

What exactly happened??? I'm not able to comment on the situation, for now at least. All I can say is that "HONESTY" is what got me in this situation, and "HONESTY" is what will get me through this situation. Working hard makes me forget at times that the world can be filled with hate, jealousy and envy... guess that's just how the world is, how dumb of me to ever forget. Alas, the show must go on and oh how fast did an opportunity present itself, which I'm very grateful for.

Everyday it get's better, it honestly feels like I'm on this roller coaster of UPS and DOWNS, at least now, I can genuinely smile...I thank you ALL for your continuous support and love, you know who you are : )

On a lighter note, on the NEXT blog I will be presenting my good friend and fellow EAST COAST Blogger:
La Generalissima 

We will be co-blogging at least once a month, to bring EAST and WEST together in a great and profound way!!! Stay tuned...for now, here's her view on her side of the world: