Monday, May 7, 2018

Catering to the Unkind Mind

This year marks 17 years that I've been working in the beauty industry. 

An industry that I've been in and come to wonder and question so much about more than any other year. 

2018 so far has been such a revelation to me because of how unfair we seem to be within our own selves and how awful us humans seem to be with our own reflection. Let me go out there and say that it has more to do with what the mirrors reflect upon. 

A mirror only has power to reflect what others see on the outside, it's our unkind mind that has us plagued and therefore it takes over like a dark cloud on a rainy day.

Catering to the unkind mind  has been my specialty for so long that its taken me years to understand how people work their way into seeing themselves in a whole aspect than what I'm able to comprehend just from standing behind them.

Anywhere from the aspects of feeling drab, ugly, outdated, bored, sad, broken or even lost, sometimes the soul's sitting in my chair have ALL of these feelings inside them, or maybe just one. Once I'm able to pinpoint their insecurities, its time for me to strap those demons and wrestle with them and hopefully continue to keep them tied up long enough for my clients to be able to see what beauty they can possess without seeing what they feel on a daily basis.

I'm not kidding when I say this:

I take these demons home with me at times knowing well what havoc they'll wreak on me and my mind. Although I can affirm that I am a strong person, I still have vulnerabilities that I myself must wrestle with from time to time. 

I take home anything from heartache, cancer, rejection, depression, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc. You name it, I've wrestled with it. 

The key to rising above it is knowing who you belong to, ACCEPTING your inner demons and trusting that they too have an expiration date. As much as people can be beautiful, they can also destroy the most treasured part of your being. 

Trust me, I too know what it's like to be in complete darkness, its fear and its objectifying sense of static freezing cold nature. It's a wave that has come from time to time, a cloud that will rear its ugly fog to make me believe that it can consume me again like it once did. Yet I know better now, I know where I stand when I look in a mirror, I know where I stand when I face the world and I know where I stand when I pray to the skies.

ACCEPT yourself
DIMINISH the darkness
RELY on your self worth
FIGHT for who you wish to become

Should you need help, you know where I am and I'll fight right alongside you.

Intimate Light

Any source of LIGHT can be bothersome, whether it be the sun, a light in your house, or even a bright person who has that special lit soul inside (you know which one's I'm talking about). 

The one LIGHT source I can personally tell you that isn't bothersome is the one we hid inside. If anything it's uncomfortable. 

Yet the funny thing is that as kids we ALL tend to rely on this source of LIGHT to get us through some of the most awkward times in our lives. Then we grow up and the more that others offer their opinion on it, the more we seem to dim it and not let it become anything more than a small spark of nothing.

Is that all we think of ourselves as?
 A small spark of nothing? 
So that others can accept us as such?

Well here's the reality...

If anyone realizes that you're LIGHT is awkward, bothersome and/or annoying, time to let them go and have them seek shelter elsewhere because ALL they'll ever offer you is the sharp end of their own insecurities, a place NO ONE has the time to be laying around in. 

A LIGHT is to be celebrated, to have appreciation for, to see what it can bring to your own life and what it can offer you if more than a smile and warmth. 

If you already know you're worth and have seen your intimate LIGHT, by all means, please share your brightness with the world for it needs your warmth and stability.

If you haven't found it yet, don't worry, once you recognize the spark that lights it all, capture the moment and start the process of your GROWTH

 When its time, 
its TIME.