Monday, October 27, 2014

~`Compare and Contrast: What WAS and What Can Be`~

So much can happen in such little time that the actual PRESENT can
become the PAST in a matter of seconds.
I myself have grown tired of letting others dictate what my present and future should become.

It's a shame that at some point, situations along with personalities have to collide at some point and when they do, it's a shock yet one of those, "It was meant to be" kind of moments.

"Give me a reason to let you go, allow me the opportunity to clear and wipe the slate clean, send me a sign knowing that it's ALL said and done."

I used to cringe at the thought of losing, at the thought of having to let go and needing to move on because that's what LIFE wanted me to do.
Not anymore. 

I've embraced loss and have been able to appreciate WHAT I've lost because now I understand the path that LIFE holds when time is up. 

I used to want to catch my breath when facing the inevitable, for it would always be like taking a punch to the stomach. Though once I stopped fighting against the waves that came crashing I realized that the worst had already come, all that needed to be worked on was to see how much light I could bring to the darkness and depth of loss.

Everyone has a moment where you know it's time to move on. You've done all that you've been able to do to level out any bumps in the road and patch up any holes that needed new pavement. Until you've run out of options, and quite frankly, running out of options is actually a PATH that has been well lit for a long time, we've just denied to look into it.

Traveling is the key, experiencing is the key, LIVING is the key. I can't deny a well lit path when it's rays have been so bright that it naturally looks SAFE to walk through. Even though there are no promises to ANYTHING that might happen while on that path, there is a CHOICE, a DECISION, and HOPE to keep me alive and well while I mend my "present past".

Nothing is promised to us and nothing is a lifetime warranty, though keeping ourselves ALIVE and advancing with a ray of hope is what will get us through the point of what WAS, and we'll live to UNDERSTAND what CAN be.