Monday, June 23, 2014

'Horns Blow' for a Popstar

As the latest season of "The Voice" kicked into high gear early this 2014 year, many were surprised and questioned themselves if what they were seeing on their television sets was ACTUALLY what they're eyes were conveying. 

Sure enough, 
Popstar Paula Deanda was auditioning for the popular NBC show having to sing to the backs of the four celebrity judges as well as the nation in hopes of garnering her a spot on one of singing teams. She had a golden opportunity with Blake Shelton a.k.a. "Team Blake" and made it to the Battle Rounds. As Paula's opportunity made her appeal to her current as well as the younger social media fan base, HER voice on "The Voice" would certainly not be the last of her! 

Behold, in just 1 day, on June 24th, 2014,
 Paula Deanda & Jump Smokers will be releasing their latest EP collaboration:

The first single to launch this collection of original material 
"Horns Blow (Shimmy Shimmy)"

definitely features 'The Voice and the Beats'

With the musical horns making melodic waves backing Paula's smooth husky soprano vocal, this only showcases the tip of the iceberg of what the rest of this EP album contains.

 Paula Deanda is known for her high vocal register that has carried her from the very start with "Doing Too Much" all the way to her current ballad material with "Your Place". What Paula showcases in her music is the ability to be this vocal chameleon that most Popstars of today haven't been able to express due to the endless pressure of the Entertainment Machine

"Horns Blow (Shimmy Shimmy)" carries the modern sound of 2014 along with a blend of 40's Jazz with the trumpet bridge in the middle of the song. Now believe it or not, singers CAN over sing a track to death especially with tiresome vocal runs that skip one too many beats. Although in this case, Paula shares the limelight with the proper instrumentation to carry this tune from beginning to end.

There's also something that Paula hasn't really showcased in her music catalog in the past, and that is the use of her vocal texture to hug the melody of the staccato ENGLISH, Paula's voice flows with what's being presented to her musically.
Jump Smokers, 

"The Voice And The Beats" EP also contains 3 other original songs:
"Strangers", "Arriverderci", and "Tippy-Toes", as well as an EDM Remix of "Strangers".

All 5 tracks have their own LIFE within the music, and all 5 tracks give new meaning to the term 'Fresh'! Music has to be able to breathe and have a heartbeat of it's own, especially when 2 MAJOR talents collaborate! There's no drowning of sorrows for either Paula or Jump Smokers, if anything, this collection of musical freedom is a CELEBRATION of what music is,
it's OWN state of mind!

My personal Fav Song:
"Horns Blow (Shimmy Shimmy)"
"Strangers" (Jump Smokers EDM Remix)

Yes...ALL of them!

Pre-Order your copy now on iTunes!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Damaged YET going STRONG

8 years ago the 
"Making The Band" series had formed and launched it's 3rd and most successful musical group to date and even made history landing them in the Guinness Book of World Records being the ONLY girl group to debut 2 Number 1 albums back to back on the Billboard Charts. Each member brings a spark to the group and have the ability to hold their head up high as every number is executed to it's every hair flipping stage worthy performance. 

Danity Kane has 2 Platinum selling albums under it's name, having toured with Christina Aguilera, the Pussycat Dolls, and have headlined 2 tours since their inception, the recent of which has proven them worthy of a comeback though there's one minor detail missing...the backing and push of a major record label. Despite this minor setback, Danity Kane has been able to climb up the charts with their recent single aptly titled, "Lemonade" featuring Tyga

Since the successful girl group was taken apart back in 2008 by it's creator Sean "Puffy" Combs due to a lack of communication and infighting within the girls themselves, they've all been able to move on with their lives and professional careers as entrepreneurs within the industry. A year ago there was speculation that there was a reunion brewing and fans have been craving to have Danity Kane once again appear on stage and on the charts. As fate would have it, the famed girl group was to come back, only this time, as a quartet. 
Then there were four

By the end of 2013, the now regrouped musical quartet prepared their reunion show and early this year 2014 they announced a 13 city "No Filter" Tour around the U.S. that would showcase their past hits and feature 3 new tracks from their upcoming album.

 Then there were three.
As one of their founding members had decided to join them on the tour, she has opted to remove herself from the Danity Kane equation for the upcoming album due to her wanting to start a family. 

Now with Danity Kane consisting of Aubrey O' Day, Shannon Bex and Dawn Richard, in my honest opinion, they have never looked so fresh! With "Lemonade" going strong in it's downloads and climbing up the charts, seeing three strong women take the stage have never looked so good since Destiny's Child became a trio themselves. 

As they put the finishing touches on their upcoming album and are getting plans ready and finalized for their second leg of their "No Filter" Promotional Tour, Danity Kane was once Damaged YET are going STRONG!

Timing couldn't be ANY better for the trio girl group, as well as for another one of my favorite artists...STAY TUNED for the next blog featuring:

Paula Deanda

Friday, June 6, 2014


Secrets upon secrets upon other secrets simply create a MOTHER LOAD of skeletons in our closet and a BIG pile of "No No No's" swept under the rug. Should we make the CONSCIOUS choice to not deal with them they'll just get bigger and bigger only to further distance us from what was to be our true nature.

So why is it that in society in certain aspects and with certain
topics we make "Shhhhhh...!" an ongoing trend??

To hide in the closet only proves our constant need for attention and it makes us not worthy of what lies beneath our exterior.

Growing up because I had no clause when it came to what information came out of my mouth and therefore, I was ALWAYS forewarned to watch what I would say and what I WAS LETTING OUT, for it would affect my near and very distant future. 

Of course you tell this to a kid they're going to be afraid to even say anything! Later on into my teens and young adult years, I was so fearful with letting people in, paranoia set in BIG TIME!
This what I'd like to call a COMPLEX ladies and gentlemen!

How do we get rid of the COMPLEX???

By saying what's on your mind and exercising your right to be who you are....simple enough??

Should be and could be, again, should you CHOOSE to do so.

I don't believe there's anything wrong with sharing with others who you are, let alone the person you've become. The opinions exist whether you say something or you don't, for as we know, this world is full of them, whether you turn to the LEFT or to the RIGHT! Yet they only hurt when they mean something, in most cases,
it's best to let them enforce who you are instead of tearing you down.

It's best to EXIST rather than NOT...
therefore, no more "Shhhhhh!" and LIVE LIFE!