Monday, October 29, 2012

You Know I'll be the One

This phrase can be taken in so many contexts, and of course they ALL lead to the same conclusion, just as it's written:

You Know I'll be the One

Ever pushed away anyone you've cared about a lot?

Done it more than once to "protect them"?

Are they the only ones who stand tall with you in the end?

The human soul and heart can be cruel in many aspects especially when it comes to our many insecurities that others instill in our minds. That's why when usually we have someone so dear to us we tend to push them away to not have them see our damage that exists inside. 

For many reasons, it's NOT O.K. to show true frowns, it's only possible to show ALL smiles..

How UNTRUE this is!

Without the frowns, we wouldn't have the smiles
and without pain
we wouldn't have the power of healing

Whether it's an addiction, a disease, an insecurity, an infectious way of living, know that there are at least 1-2 people around you that are willing to go through the storm with you. We look back in time at the Kings and Queens of the world, and even back to the B.C. era, they all had those next to them to help them heal and be guided in any situation. 

It's natural to get angry when our hearts become weak, it's natural to see many become concern for our well being. This is when we know that what we go through, what we feel, what tears we shed, what knots we get in our throat, they're as REAL as anything else that make us human enough to LIVE everyday. Those 1-2 people, or even more if were that lucky, are as real as your feelings, and will continue to be there in light of anything that comes your way. 

Fight against the stones that are being thrown your way, fight to keep your sanity and your mind clear of any clouds that come. DON'T fight those whom you know will say, 
"YOU know I'll be the ONE!". 

They'll be around for a LIFETIME...that I promise you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Find Myself Here (The Imaginative Future)

Craving the imaginative future that one holds in their mind is why we strive to make ourselves better, why we make certain decisions based on certain beliefs we hold inside, why we continue to become the positive reinforcement that everybody else around us learns from and why we love to let others know about our struggles and our successes. 

Sacrifice has a huge part in it as well and makes it worth while, at the same time it can create a stigma of "Were missing out on something". In TRUTH, when we LIVE and allow ourselves to LOVE what we LIVE, were NOT missing a thing. We gain so much in experience and meeting people from all walks of life that instead of "Missing out on something", were building and connecting to our future by choosing people that help out our personalities, path, and outcomes
For as any one of us crave to be that success story.

Once were at the brink of it all though, right when were about to jump into the next stage, were in a room and say:

"I Find Myself Here"

and reminisce about our past, what it took for us to realize what we've wanted to achieve, along with the losses and what we've managed to gain.

We hope NOT to freak ourselves out and start to question our choices and how we think we should handle our next move, yet don't you find it interesting that really all it would take is a split second to either throw it all away or make the best out of it?! 
One second changes

I'm glad to know and realize though that it's us solely, our own mind that finds itself standing in that room with nothing but our own hopes and dreams wanting to make it. Nothing and no one can change anything unless we decide to do so.

When you find yourself there, standing in that room, search and look toward what your dreams are. Though the thing to remember is, you've already gotten this far, already realized so many dreams in the making, now it's time to reach out, push yourself and not only crave that imaginative future as much as you can....
 start LIVING your dreams as much as you can!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Set me free, 
Leave me be
I don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity, 
Here I am and I stand so tall
I'm just the way I'm supposed to be,
But you're on to me and all over me.

Gravity is such a lyrically strong filled emotional song that honors the pull and desire that LOVE has over us when trying to move on from our past. 

Ever get the texts, the missed calls, the endless emails and/or letters, the voicemails where all you hear is breathy air on the receiver? Doesn't this song bring you back to that time when you tried to move on and all you were getting were these empty messages that spelled out, 
"I don't know why but I just had to call you"?!
 Gives me chills just thinking about it.

Whether you were the broken or the one that broke a heart, you're able to relate to this Gravity love themed anthem. 

Why does LIFE have to be this difficult? Why do we have to go through this hurt? Why can't we just learn to let go in an instant? Why must we learn how to detach our hearts?

We can't be that insensitive to other hearts because we weren't made to be that way towards others. The first thing we learn as children is to respect and care for one another. We do it for so long that when we grow up and experience the downside of LOVE, we don't know what to expect, least of all know what to do with ourselves when our feelings are still in shock and only WANT the heartwarming sensitivity back in place instead of the sorrowful frowns were giving ourselves. 

As the earth rotates and the skies go from light to dark day after day and night after night, we hold a special place inside of us for those who not only taught us how to LOVE, but those whom also broke our fear, took down our walls and were able to give their every piece of happiness to fill our smiles.  

Lately for the past 4 days, I've been seeing clear signs that pinpoint and take me back to when I once loved wholeheartedly...and my heart expresses just like the song itself says:

Something always brings me back to you,
  It never takes too long....

and yet my mind says:

Set me free,
 Leave me be,
  I don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity.

Take a listen for yourselves...Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Chapter...Why is it so scary?

Chapters in our lives are so prominent and apparent that when we KNOW it's time to write our last sentences and turn the page to begin a NEW chapter, 
we second guess ourselves and procrastinate. 

Trusting our instincts is difficult because were being swayed in both the path were longing for and the path were currently on, prolonging decisions and wanting to make the infinite choice that will decide our future.

So why is it that we find it "scary" facing a new chapter in our lives?

Couple reasons:
  • We can't imagine living any other way other than the way were living at the current moment.
  • Were afraid as to what others might say and in what category we get put in their minds.
  • Crossing that bridge might either bring us to safety or it may crumble, uncertainty.
  • How might we be able to survive with just our own support and values?  
  • Will Success follow or will Karma have its way with me? 
I used to always make myself crazy thinking that by starting a new chapter in my life would mean that I couldn't handle my current situation and so I was looking for a way out. Until I really looked at what was really going on and found out that I was in a stagnant place in my life and I needed to find new challenges, new outlets and most importantly new goals. I had come to a point where I surpassed what I was yearning for and I made sure I took what I needed from my current experiences. I was ready to MOVE ON.

Moving on to the next level stimulates growth, makes you stronger, and takes you to uncharted territory where you never thought of stepping into. It's the best form of keeping intact without having to fall apart.

Fear as always is very common in this situation, if anything make a chart of Pro's and Con's and allow BOTH the facts and your drive to take you to where you need to be. 

Take a Leap of Faith 
watch yourself GROW!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Permission NOT Required

I am always compelled to HAVE to understand why it is that certain individuals RESERVE the right to want to take the very essence of one's existence and MAKE a decision that they feel is right in their minds?!

In other words....

Why is YOUR permission required to live MY life?

29 years I've lived and have yet to understand others' insecurities about choices I make according to my liking and the way I choose to live. Same could be said for those whom have lived before me and those who will live after me. NOT understanding something doesn't mean you have to go against it or that you have to fear it. It simply means that you must research and if you can, TRY and WALK in the shoes of whom you are unable to understand.

Whether it was in my family, elementary school, middle school, high school, beauty school, church,  youth ministry or a simple walk down the street, there was ALWAYS something I had to prove, someone I ALWAYS had to explain myself to, SOME TASK I had to accomplish in order for others to feel safe. One thing is for sure though, for some reason I felt as if I always needed permission to feel safe in my own skin, then come later to find out that I NEVER needed anyone's permission to LIVE freely and LOVE to the best of my ability. 

It's hard to hear and see when someone you've loved and cared for the longest time doesn't want to see the weight lifted off your shoulders simply because they deny your truth and heart. Although on the other hand, if we weren't able to live and experience rejection and stubbornness from others we wouldn't be able to build our strength from the bottom up. 

I can say that I don't hate anyone that's ever rejected my heart, friendship, gift and way of life. I don't hold resentment against anyone who wasn't able to understand and feel acceptance for what it truly is, and neither should you

Knowledge is something were born with and we must continue to feed our minds and hearts whenever possible, even when we are confused and concerned. The only way we can stop growth from happening is when we refuse to let our minds expand and live within the box of our comfort instead of exploring what's on the outside of that comfort.

Permission is NOT required to LIVE and LOVE
for we ALL come from the same place and ONE source...
whomever that may be...

For me, I know 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The X-Factor: Boot Camp Jitters

The vocal competition reality shows are back on! The tension and nerves of these contestants are shakier than ever too!

I was able to catch the first day of Boot Camp for the X-Factor tonight and in case you haven't heard, the judging panel are as follow:

L.A. Reid
 Record executive, Producer, Songwriter
Britney Spears
Recording Artist
Demi Lovato
 Recording Artist/Actress
Simon Cowell
 A&R executive, television producer, television personality

Pretty intimidating panel if I do say so myself!

After the open casting auditions the show held nationwide, it's now time to dwindle 120 acts to 24...yes 24!!!! Can you imagine the vibes and emotions backstage?!

Now what I love about this show for one, is the fact that they were able to get Britney on board. In my opinion she has changed and transformed the way we see Popstars today. Is there anything this woman hasn't done?! She's done it all, conquered all, and on her way to even greater success. 

Secondly, I love the fact that there's no age limit and even groups can audition, that makes for a more interesting plot. 

Now on this episode, each act was called up one by one to audition for a second time in front of the judges and eacchother, whether they were on point or not, there are 4 different judges with 4 different opinions, pleasing 3 out of 4 them is what these acts really need to do to move forward to the next round. So many great and talented singers and a lot of them that I personally liked weren't able to move on and yet a lot of them did make the cut. It breaks my heart to see any of them cry, at the same time, in these kind of competitions, you have to expect ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

Song choice is everything in these competitions as well as keeping your nerves under control. It's hard to see a lot of them break down during their auditions and are so hard on themselves afterwards. As an audience, we tend to say, "Oh really??? WOW yeah you're done! Get out of there!" What we lack to remember is the fact that even the greatest of stars have had their meltdowns and even forgotten their lyrics onstage. The only difference between them and these contestants is the fact that they have someone solid in the industry that believes in them and backs them up. Even THEY have had their cries that we don't get to see (in a way that's a good thing). Performing in itself is harder than what it looks to be. 

For ANY contestant on X-Factor, The Voice and American're BRAVE to put your gift out there for the world to see and judge, if you don't make it to the end, 
keep it going! 

DREAMS are only impossible to reach when you don't extend your hand.

Let's see what the rest of the X-Factor boot camp brings!