Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Truth About the Jealousy Factor

Nothing goes hand in hand than knowing someone's after you for the only apparent reason there is: 

They're jealous and being a hater.

It pretty much goes together when it comes to any part of our lives whether it be a career path, a friendship, lifestyle and/or personal life choice. Ever wonder WHY haters are so prevalent or WHY they make themselves self destruct?? 

The answer is a simple one....

They're overloading on self pity and adrenaline in trying to compete with the rest of the world that their OWN world around them is not going as planned. It's pretty simple when in comes to Karma, as the Indian Religions have it best explained as the "Cause and Effect" cycle. 
Whatever you "cause", there will be an "effect".

In LIFE we experience every negative aspect from heartbreak, loss, sadness, and jealousy. It's hard to grow up and try to understand why we have to experience ANY of these negative aspects, and it seems like the younger we are the stronger it makes us,
 yet while the older we are the more it affects us

Personally I grew up with one of my siblings constantly having a heavy heart in him. I can tell you that I barely have ANY positive moments with hum, though the 4 moments I do have I cherish them dearly. Ever put a cat and a dog together in a cage?? Well hopefully you never have, though if you've seen it, the constant fighting and scratching you'd experience was exactly what we were like and unfortunately it still is the remaining factor between the two of us. Trying to put one foot in front of the other simply doesn't work, so therefore it's been best for us to keep separate for almost 9 years now, and you would think by now we would've worked out our differences, personally I know I have, though in his case he's dealing with his the last time I spoke to him. 

What can eat us up inside most times is the unknown of our own deception and disappointment. The more damage we cause ourselves the more we'll reflect it upon others and carefully start to see a change  and the way everyone else views us as well. 

I've seen the jealousy streak hit people like a pile of rocks, and it's quite scary to see it firsthand because you know that ANY kind of understanding the person ever had has gone out the window. ALL you'll ever hear is the TRUTH of what is really being felt from that point on, and I can tell you that it is VERY HARD to pull away, and once you do pull away, you'll feel and receive the negativity as well, and that's when you cut the cord indefinitely. 

The TRUTH About the Jealousy Factor is this:

See it, Recognize it, Pull Away, and Cut that Cord...
nothing and no one is worth the damage that comes along with it. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Weight of the World

The pressure, the unknown, the survival skills....

everything that has to do with catching up with ourselves and making sure we have it all together...

without failure....

is what makes us worried and not understand why....

we have the "Weight of the World" on our shoulders.

The pressure's on when it comes to making ourselves look like we have our home lives, our work schedules, our financial matters, and our relationships in tip top shape. We forget that ALL of what I just mentioned takes not only effort, it takes a lot of perseverance in keeping it together and keeping our minds sane enough so at night we can fall asleep. 

Now here's the deal though, WE make our lives this way. It's what we call the American Dream. The higher up you wish to go in LIFE the more you have to pay in SACRIFICE
Nothing will ever come easy, and if it does, 
it won't last, that we can be sure of. 

The "Weight of the World" can also contain who we desire to have around us while we reach up for toward the infinite skies. So many people give us that drive while others simply slow us down, wanting us to continue down their own personal path due to a lack of security

I speak a lot about insecurities because they're the unfortunate second nature in our being. We don't want to feel alone, we want to make sure we have company along side us so we can at least share at one point in time what misery we might be going through. 

In all sense of the term, "Misery loves Company", and that too can add more
 weight to any part of us. 

"With the sweet, comes the sour" and vice versa. There's always a clear sky after the storm, there will always be winds of change and there will always be opportunities to look back and reflect on what is needed to be let go and what is needed to be reinforced. 

In my own experience, every sacrifice has it's recompense, and every path has it's goal. 

Forget the Uncertainty and Strive toward the Unknown.