Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"I Don't Want To Love Anybody Else"

LOVE is that much of a complicated term though it's one of the most easiest emotions to ever showcase to another human being. Do we ever fall out of love? In my opinion, we look for it elsewhere...YES, the unfortunate part of it all is that we're human and we look for LOVE on a constant basis, we want to feel it.

LOVE will make us do some crazy and off the wall things, though it also makes us come full circle ONLY if we are to accept what it brings us. Heartbreak is part of the ultimate package, in any relationship, for we know that nothing lasts forever in the physical realm, yet in our hearts, a LIFETIME isn't that far away. 

We choose who to LOVE, we choose who our hearts will belong to, and we also choose what LOVE really means to us. We have a little push at time from FATE herself, although 90% of the time it's all up to us. Once we're stuck on that certain someone, we're stuck for good! There's no going backwards, just forwards. 

We capture that certain way of LIFE...the certain way of LOVE where it begins, and 9 times out of 10, we have help, we don't fall in LOVE by ourselves. The enjoyment and naturally the fulfillment to be exact is everlasting, as beautiful as a painter's portrait of a "Medieval Sunset Sky"
We will never forget what that feels like.

As LIFE hands it to us, LOVE isn't forever, and it isn't for everyone, yet a feel and taste of it is all we need to make sure we know what others around us at one point may be able to feel and describe. 

After years of not having to feel or see that enjoyment of the "Medieval Sunset Sky", I can see how it can dissipate into a simple dream and a fairy tale that once was the real deal. The sky can turn gray very easily and can make rain come down in every direction possible. The only negative aspect of that rain is the reality of time shed by the LOVE that was once alive and palpitating. 

Lesson learned...
Instead of having LOVE all bundled up in one basket...
Have it evenly spread so that it can reach a farther distance....
Learn to share it with others so that they can see what it can do...
As for where it once resided and for whom it belonged to,
"I Don't Want To Love Anybody Else"...
For that "Medieval Sunset Sky" came and went...
To live on for a LIFETIME.

"I Don't Know Much But I Know Myself"

There's much to learn about oneself especially when it comes to us aging year after year.

 The fear of getting "old" can get to us that we start believing that we're forgetting so much and that we're not as sharp as we once used to be. The sprout of gray hair tends to come over us and immediately we see it as "We're so OLD it's not even funny!" Our bodies start to loosen up in ways we never thought they would, and it becomes harder to tighten everything up. Of course, we see all the physical aspects start to take a different turn that we forget of the internal aspects that have taken residency inside our minds and hearts

Usually they say that with time we mature, we get a bit more stubborn and cling to dear LIFE for fear of not living it to the fullest. Maturity does seem to get to us, though not everyone experiences the same amount altogether. Being stubborn is something I know too well, in my experience with it,
there are reasons why I stick to my guns and why I do have a reason for every action I commit, and as long as logic makes sense, why not right?!

Living LIFE to the fullest for some reason makes it all come together because we have this sudden urge to accomplish what we've always wanted since we were kids, and as long as we achieve it, it's all good. 

Throw in a little twist of fate and then we ask ourselves, 
"Is this really what LIFE is all about?? Am I done after this?? What else do I need to do??"

We tend to search as much as possible to find the usual answer and yet we ignore what nature wants us to become and fulfill. That is what exactly???

To "Be" and "Know" ourselves no matter what flaws we have or want to see. Certain aspects of who we become will not be our favorite, though there's a reason why we are who we are. Other aspects will depict a deeper part of our hearts, while the rest will dictate our patience and love we have for those around us. Look at yourself deeply, and you'll find a unique person that's worthy of making this world a better place, and ALL because you are who you grew up to be. 

In the end,
you'll say to yourself,
"I Don't Know Much But I Know Myself"....

That's all that counts!