Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Where Do I Stand?

This BASIC question can trigger so many other questions and leave you with NO answers.

Being stuck in the middle of BLACK and WHITE with no comfort zone can be an unconscious decision yet one that we determine for ourselves should we be indecisive. 

One way or the other, there's always a pleasing factor involved to see where we fit in LIFE

All these thoughts beg to ask the question:

"Where do I stand?"

The answer is pretty stand wherever you'd like to stand, as long as you feel a need to be there and you feel comfortable with yourself.

There is such a thing as the "Gray" zone. A zone where many people feel the need to be a part of, not because they don't belong in the black and white comfort zones, more than likely because they WON'T belong in those areas.

Nothing breaks us down more that having the need to belong to someone or something. The more we understand what we want the more we have the need to not call ourselves black or white. Yet there's also a huge population that feel comfortable being in either black or white, and if that fits them, there's nothing wrong with it.

 Case in point, both my parents love the black and white spectrum, that is who they are and who they'll always be.

Knowing you belong is half the battle, while representing who you are is of the utmost important aspect because it is YOU who will showcase to the world that you can be a mix of the LIFE and still live a different perspective than the 'normal' population.

I've always considered myself a little bit of this and a little bit of that with a splash of sparkle. While most can take it as me being wishy washy, it's more of a collection of my past, who I am in my present, and what I want my future to become.

I'm as much part of my rainbow as I'm much part of my cross...

That is where I stand.

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